Monday, November 1, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 1.

Last November, on my old blog, I tried to do a gratitude post every day. I wasn't 100 percent successful, but I did get some good posts in. Ones that I definitely like to go back and read and remember my gratitude for those things. 

I decided this November, I am SINCERELY going to try to write a gratitude post every day of the month. 
There are for sure at least 30 things I am thankful for and we all know is the the time of the year for gratitude, although it should really be every day of our lives. :)
 I am thankful for Spiritual Enlightenment. 

One reason I picked the books I did for this picture is because I am currently reading each of them. But also because there are so many ways we can receive spiritual enlightenment, even if it's a short scripture followed by a brief quote, like in Stand A Little Taller.

I am not a huge reader, but these are things that I do find great joy in reading. It's amazing how much the words on a page can really speak to you, especially when you are seeking guidance, or comfort, or just needing that extra boost of spiritual happiness. 

So today, that is my gratitude post. I hope to continue to do this each day and it will be so great to see the things that stick out to me in my life that I am truly grateful for. Even if they are the simple things, because sometimes those are really the best. :)

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