Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 21.

If you are still reading these, I am impressed. I decided that I'm mostly doing this for myself anyway! Especially so I can look back and remember all those wonderful things in my life... :)
But don't stop! We like readers. We like comments even more.... just sayin'!
I am thankful for good entertainment.

I love TV shows, movies, music and plays and anything else that brings entertainment. By GOOD entertainment, I mean clean and funny and still can bring enjoyment. I know this one might be kind of "fake" or lame, but I feel like it's a good one to write about. 

I think the thing I like most about these things is they bring a satisfaction of just laughing, not thinking, and just relaxing! You need that time, especially as a student. You don't need it rule your mind, but you do need it to unwind and take a little breather. I think one of my favorite things to watch these days is Gilmore Girls. It's on everyday and I watch it pretty much every day. Usually while I am eating lunch or making dinner, because those are the times it is on. Although Tyson thinks the show is kind of dumb, I really like it! It's clean, it's funny and it's good entertainment.
I also think that entertainment can be a form of art. Being somewhat of an artist, I greatly appreciate other art. Here's a good example, The Lion King on Broadway. Have you seen it? You better. It's AMAZING. The music, the costumes, the set designs... seriously. That is art 100% and it's good entertainment. I love it! Another good one? Wicked. So hilarious. So good! 

These are good things. They are meant to be enjoyed and they are meant to enrich our lives. Of course we all have our Gilmore Girls or something else to just veg out to-- like when there's a season of the Bachelor on. :) But we also have true art in the forms of entertainment which are actually good for us. At least I think. Maybe it's just my creative side, but when I see a really good and clever movie, I feel inspired. When I see an amazing Broadway play or even a really good High School Play, I feel enriched, inspired and usually a bit amazed at the talent they have! 

This good entertainment may also be sport spectating, something that Tyson and any of the guys in my family L-O-V-E. I like sports too and I think they totally count as good entertainment. That's what they are there for! Plus they're fun when it means you get to go to Vegas in December for a Bowl game and eat really good food during the 48 hours you are there (but maybe not this year...:( )!

I love some good entertainment. We all do! It's something to be grateful for and that, I definitely am.


Kel said...

Katie! I'm a gilmore girls fanatic as well. I'm sad to say I know every word of every episode. Pathetic? Maybe. I don't care though... I love it.

C&L said...

this is funny. my next thankful post is about gilmore girls!