Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reason #982

why I love my bff/roommate/husband.

Buying me these:

just because! (also, picture taken via cellular device, sorry for the poor quality). 

Ah yes- he's a good one. A nice one. The nicest of all the nice ones. And allllll mine, forever and ever. 
We have ourselves a lucky girl right here.
You betcha. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

we heart weekend time.

Two posts in one day, don't be scared. Or overwhelmed. Just be happy. This one is a good one. 

Last weekend was grrrreat. It began with me taking some engagement pictures for one of my best friends. Click HERE to see them. I was very pleased with them. 

We then went to dinner at Magleby's with my parents and it was yum yum yum. Then back to the parentals house for a little animal planet. Correction. Tyson and my mom watched "River Monsters" while my dad and I did a little snoozzzzing. It was like at least 10:30 at night, can you blame us? 

The next day {Saturday} I got my hair did while Tyson went with my parents to the Springville baseball championship game. I joined them and we enjoyed some baseball and hot dogs, even though it was a loss for the good ol' devils. Second place isn't too shabby though! I realized I really like being at a baseball game. T will be so happy to hear that.
We then proceeded to an excellent Birthday party for our eldest nephew, the RY-ster. I can't believe he is nine. WOW, really. I remember him being a baby. A BIG baby, in fact. He was so cute and had little blonde curls and called Utah, My-tah and loved dump trucks more than anything. Now he's tall and skinny,  almost in the fourth grade and playing baseball and collecting pokemon cards. Times sure have changed. But I'm glad, because it's fun to see those kiddies grow up.

We stuck around for a little BBQ after the party and enjoyed time with the Hafen clan. Lauren is so adorable-- all the time. Even when she squeals and even when she doesn't know who I am. Now she's talking a little, I am determined to engrain K-T in her vocabulary. It isn't THAT hard of a name to know.

Had a usual Sunday at our ward, I got a calling {Visiting Teaching Coordinator} and Tyson started his new calling {Ward Financial Clerk}, then we headed out to the Perkes for dinner and relaxing time. It was great! 

I love weekends. Especially sleeping in. Especially spending them with my husband. Especially spending time with our families. And especially no work- no school, just play! :)

Here are some pictures from the big parrrr-tayy. Enjoy! 

Replacing his hat with the Red Sox hat we got him!
Cute one Clairey!
Phone talker already!
"Hiii."-- Her favorite word.
Seriously-- she's so cute.
The big gift- Nintendo DSI. 
This is why I love Josh. Poor swollen eyes from allergies! But still a cutie.
HA! I love this. And Claire. Totally did this as a child...
The Lego cake Cami made.

I didn't get one of him blowing the candles out, only lighting them. 
A little 500.
Action shot-- Birthday Boy.
The 500-er.
Ryan and Lauren, very cute.
Claire Bear.
Cheering for the children during their game of 500.
Cute girl. Love her. Obviously!
We call this-- summer food. 
More summer food. So yummy!
Anna Banana was there-- looking cute.
Putting some "gas" into the bike, of course.
Love that face.

A Repost on Love.

If any of follow my old blog, you may have already read this story. I was just looking at my old blog and rediscovered this post. It is well worth reposting, especially for those of you who have not read it! Right now there are many people, including some close friends of mine, who are engaged and preparing for marriage. What a joyful time that was! It also had a lot of stress, anxiety, tears, frustration, and so forth. But I still looooved it all! It was so fun. I love being involved in wedding planning. In fact, one of my best friends, Talia and I have this dream to own a wedding planning business. I'd incorporate my photography somehow too. Maybe one day! ANYWAY, I love reflecting on my relationship with Tyson. Here is a happy day from our past. Reposted

Original Title: Blingin' Ring and Happy Faces

Love. It's really a WONDERFUL thing. Everyone should be able to feel love. To be loved and to love in return. I won't go on and on about cheesy love advice, but that's just the truth.

Well, to go along with love, I have a little story.

Warning. This post is a little lengthy, but also full ofgoodness and joy.

October 30th, 2009. {truly a day to remember}.

It was just after 1:00 p.m. as I was sitting in my Family Finance class. I was already somewhat anxious to go, because it was a Friday and I was ready for Halloween weekend to begin! I was doodling on my notes when I got a text message from Tyson. Our plans that afternoon had been to drop my car off to get the oil changed and head over to the D.I. to get some last minute items for our Halloween costumes.
The text read: "Change of Plans! Go straight home after class. Don't leave early! There will be something waiting for you on your pillow."
Of course, I read the message and flung my phone at my friend Teri to read. In my head, I thought, he's proposing! The day is here! I cannot wait. These 20 minutes BETTER fly by!
As I sat in class for the next 20 minutes my mind was racing with possibilities of what he could be doing. I also kept secretly yelling at my teacher in my head to "STOP WITH THE CHARTS AND GRAPHS. IT IS FRIDAY. NO ONE IS LISTENING. JUST STOP LECTURING NOW, SO WE CAN ALL GO HOME." I was super anxious.

After class I bolted out of my classroom and ran to my car. I jumped in and raced on home to the surprise awaiting me on my pillow.
It was note. It talked about going on a scavenger hunt that will take me on a "blast from the past". The first clue was to the place where we first met, our friend Kenzie's old house just a couple blocks away. At that destination, I received my next clue and a bottle of root-beer (inside joke). The next clue told me to go to the place where we spent quite a few nights when we were first dating, the parking terrace on campus. There I found another clue and a bag of Laffy Taffy's, something we also enjoyed as well as conversation in my car those nights at the beginning of everything! That clue took me to the place where we first kissed, my old house. There waiting for me was a bag of Hershey's kisses and the next clue! {Good thing I love candy. :)} This clue took me to the place we first said I love you, at the mouth of Green Canyon in North Logan. There waiting was a bag of bubble gum, where we also attempted a bubble gum blowing contest that same night, and my final clue. This clue was the best one in my mind. It told me to go to my final destination, the Logan temple.

My mind was racing as I was driving to the temple(and my foot probably was a little as well). I got a little emotional as the Shania Twain song, "You're Still the One" played in the background. Even thinking of those thoughts makes me a little teary! I couldn't help but think that this is it. I was about to be proposed to! By someone I never imagined I would be marrying. Someone I didn't even know 8 months ago. Although in the past 8 months, as we've gotten to know each other, we've had the opportunity to fall in love. Since he came into my life, he has changed it completely. He has taught me so many great lessons! Especially the lesson of true love. I thought about how lucky I was to be marrying such a wonderful, spiritually strong, ambitious, kind, loving and great person! I thought about how my heart would never be broken again. I was also grateful it had been broken when it did, so I could find the one who would handle it with care. I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for Tyson. I had reached an ultimate high in life! It was such a wonderful and peaceful feeling.

As I approached the temple, I saw him waiting on a bench just across the street. I approached him and gave him a big hug. My emotion had become pure excitement and happiness. We sat on the bench for a minute and Tyson suggested "should we just go now?" I laughed at his statement and my attention was caught by a towel on the ground just a few feet away. Tyson then explained there was something very important under this towel and to lift it up and keep my eyes closed until the towel was to my waste. I then proceeded to lift the towel up with my eyes closed and felt around where the towel was for whatever was under it. Nothing. He then told me I could open my eyes. I saw that nothing was there, but I did turn around and see him on one knee. He then asked if I would marry him. I said yes and we hugged and celebrated the first few moments of our engagement! Then I made Tyson and my ring have a photo shoot at that very special location. It was great fun. Luckily Tyson likes photo shoots, because we'll have many I'm sure.

It was a very memorable day! I am very excited to marry Tyson on March 12, 2010 in the Timpanogos temple! Best friends uniting in marriage. What could be better? Married life, here we come!

The Location

Here she is!
We designed the ring and I LOVE it.
The happy couple!

Getting engaged was so fun. Being engaged was mostly fun. Being married-- the best. I love being married especially to someone as wonderful as my best friend, Mr. Tyson Scott Perkes!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I love T. Life with him, well-- it's blissful.
We are happily married, and I mean that.
Madly in love.
Happy campers.
Life is good-- actually, it's great. :)

Also, these pictures are from our big day. Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Health Days.

Last weekend was "Health Days" in Smithfield. Why they celebrate these days? I have no clue. What I DO know is that it includes the following: 
* cotton candy
* a parade (including being pelted with candy, the best part)
* cotton candy, snow cones and scones
* kiddie rides
* booths we walk through but never make any purchases
* blue sox game
* fireworks
* time well spent with familia

All in all, it's a b-last. A great Saturday that happens every May and really "kicks off" our summer! Especially since this year it was right after finals. Which means, yes-- summer has began! FINALLY. 
We are both working lots though and see each other between 7:15 and 7:50 every morning and then after 5:30 p.m.! Oh and all weekend long. So it's not to shabby. It also means no homework, no stress. Just making plans for our weekends and days off! Yay! The warm weather is also making this summer feeling more official. 

I hope that everyone is enjoying the weather and happy {beginning of} summer to you. 

OH- and of course I have some pictures from Health Days. HELLO! 

Isabel on the giant blow-up slide.
Please, take note of Brooklyn's face through these next three photos. this is a bit terrified.
Getting better...
Enjoyment! just took a little adjusting. :)
Oh heyyyy husband.
Cotton candy is the best. Also pure sugar. Maybe that's why...
Yum yum fry bread.
Little Hunts chowing down on some pizza.
Alana enjoying some c-candy.
Isabel with some cotton candy and a snowcone. What could be better?
Bluuuuuue Sox.
This is how we watch the game: under blankets.
Cute one, Tys.
The Perkes.
Jordan was there too. It was obviously a bit chilly.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's things like THIS that make me realize how blessed I truly am. I don't mean that in a "cheesy" way. I just have so many things to be grateful for, every single day. 
I don't know Stephanie Nielson, but I feel like I know her strength through her blog, stories I have read about her and this video. She's an incredible woman, an example to all and a disciple of Christ. 

We all have trials. It's up to us how we deal with them.
At a fireside I once attended, the speaker said something like this:

"It's the righteous decisions we make during times of trial and tribulation that shape us into the creature that God wants us to be."

Enough said. Oh and watch the video. Best 8 minutes of your day. 

Oh and if you don't already, read this. daily.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Weekend.

This weekend, we went to Springville for a quick little trip! 
Tyson spent Friday night at the Jazz Game (lucky duck) and I went to dinner with my sister and her husband and watched the game at their house.
Saturday I took some senior pictures for a friend and we ran a bunch of errands!
That night we attended the Hafen girl's dance recital. They were so cute in their costumes and both did great during their dances. Emma was a graceful ballerina and Claire was fearless. Overall-- great weekend!
It's finals this week and oh boy, I can't wait to be DONE. 
Bring it on summmmmmmer. :)

Enjoy some dance recital photos of our adorable nieces. Love these girls. 

Claire Bear the snowman.

We told her to pose. Such a cute diva!
Lauren Lou was there. She also LOVED the recital and was dancing the pretty much the whole time. It was adorable.
Emma the Ballerina!
The stars of the show.
Ballerina bun.
I loved Claire's face in this one! Haha-- too good.
The boys jumped in for a quick photo. 

The end!