Wednesday, May 26, 2010

we heart weekend time.

Two posts in one day, don't be scared. Or overwhelmed. Just be happy. This one is a good one. 

Last weekend was grrrreat. It began with me taking some engagement pictures for one of my best friends. Click HERE to see them. I was very pleased with them. 

We then went to dinner at Magleby's with my parents and it was yum yum yum. Then back to the parentals house for a little animal planet. Correction. Tyson and my mom watched "River Monsters" while my dad and I did a little snoozzzzing. It was like at least 10:30 at night, can you blame us? 

The next day {Saturday} I got my hair did while Tyson went with my parents to the Springville baseball championship game. I joined them and we enjoyed some baseball and hot dogs, even though it was a loss for the good ol' devils. Second place isn't too shabby though! I realized I really like being at a baseball game. T will be so happy to hear that.
We then proceeded to an excellent Birthday party for our eldest nephew, the RY-ster. I can't believe he is nine. WOW, really. I remember him being a baby. A BIG baby, in fact. He was so cute and had little blonde curls and called Utah, My-tah and loved dump trucks more than anything. Now he's tall and skinny,  almost in the fourth grade and playing baseball and collecting pokemon cards. Times sure have changed. But I'm glad, because it's fun to see those kiddies grow up.

We stuck around for a little BBQ after the party and enjoyed time with the Hafen clan. Lauren is so adorable-- all the time. Even when she squeals and even when she doesn't know who I am. Now she's talking a little, I am determined to engrain K-T in her vocabulary. It isn't THAT hard of a name to know.

Had a usual Sunday at our ward, I got a calling {Visiting Teaching Coordinator} and Tyson started his new calling {Ward Financial Clerk}, then we headed out to the Perkes for dinner and relaxing time. It was great! 

I love weekends. Especially sleeping in. Especially spending them with my husband. Especially spending time with our families. And especially no work- no school, just play! :)

Here are some pictures from the big parrrr-tayy. Enjoy! 

Replacing his hat with the Red Sox hat we got him!
Cute one Clairey!
Phone talker already!
"Hiii."-- Her favorite word.
Seriously-- she's so cute.
The big gift- Nintendo DSI. 
This is why I love Josh. Poor swollen eyes from allergies! But still a cutie.
HA! I love this. And Claire. Totally did this as a child...
The Lego cake Cami made.

I didn't get one of him blowing the candles out, only lighting them. 
A little 500.
Action shot-- Birthday Boy.
The 500-er.
Ryan and Lauren, very cute.
Claire Bear.
Cheering for the children during their game of 500.
Cute girl. Love her. Obviously!
We call this-- summer food. 
More summer food. So yummy!
Anna Banana was there-- looking cute.
Putting some "gas" into the bike, of course.
Love that face.

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