Monday, December 23, 2013


Let's see if I can bring this blog back to life.

In the past 6 months, this is what has happened in the Perkes Pad:

My baby turned 1!
My sweet nephew was born & I got to take a trip to MN to help out & photograph him.
We soaked up every ounce of my favorite season, Fall.

I also had busy fall photographing beautiful people and families! I love my job. Can't wait for the Alt Summit conference I get to go to in January.
We started renovating my Grandparent's home that was built in 1950! It's here in Springville, but we moving 10 blocks in Utah means a new ward + a new stake! Exciting times. We can't wait to raise our children in the home my dad was raised in. We should be moved in around mid-January!

Between my photography business, home renovations, & the holiday sesason-- things have been busy, busy, busy. But we are so happy and life is so good. We love this time of year and wish you all a Merry Christmas! (all that still read this blog-- keep reading. 2014 is going to be full of blogging)!
Maybe next year, Santa.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

blog break.

This blog has unintentionally taken the back burner these past few months.

Between juggling a busy, curious 11 month old, quality time with my husband, building a photography business, working on a photography project, and soaking up every bit of summer we can; I haven't had much time to blog! Which is a shame, because I want this blog to be a documentation of our little family and the adventures we go on. I think I will get back to posting regularly soon, but for now on the back burner it will probably stay. Some things have to got give when life gets hectic! 
For now, I will be posting on my photo blog here: 
I also post frequently on my instagram feed here:

And now I will go and enjoy every last minute of every day that my baby is still a baby and not a big, old 1 year old *tear*! (Okay, let's be honest, he will still be my baby for a loooong time).

Note to self: even mini oreos are very messy!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Grandma Clyde.

My Grandma Clyde passed away last week, at the age of 94.
Today was her funeral. It was beautiful day, celebrating her the lovely life she lived.

She was a wonderful woman and we will miss her deeply. 

Living in Springville, we were able to spend a lot of time with her while we were growing up. She came to Sunday dinners, birthday parties, and Christmas morning every year. Grandma always brought laughter and fun into our home. It was always a treat to have her around.

I am so grateful I was able to visit her the Sunday evening before she passed away.
I also gave her this picture of Bennett for Christmas:

I know it brought her a lot of joy in her last weeks of life and that brings me great peace and joy. I loved that she lived long enough to get to meet Bennett. And I know she is up there keeping the rest of my kiddos safe and sound and in line.

Being 94, her health was not doing so well.
So I am grateful she is free of those aches and pains.
She also was a widow for nearly 26 years. I am sure there was a joyous reunion in Heaven with my Grandpa Blaine, as well as with her son John Hyrum who died as an infant, and many other loved ones.

She was such a character; feisty is a term that was used to describe her a lot today. She was also very giving and generous, selfless and caring, strong and faithful in the gospel, had a great fashion sense and always looked nice, often times spoke her mind, and had a great love for art and culture. She had a sharp mind and even in her old age still maintained that for the most part. 

I am so thankful to be a part of her legacy and posterity. 
I have never been more proud to be her Granddaughter.
And I love living in Springville, where my Clyde roots are deep.

I love you Grandma.
I know I will see you again and am so blessed to have that knowledge.

'Til we meet again.

This song was sung at her funeral today and I wanted to share it, because it is a beautiful song that will forever remind me of Grandma.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Tys & I are rookie parents.
And Bennett is a rookie at, well, life.

Little Rookie's first experience with sand.
The sand was a hit! (And none was eaten-- score)!

 Mama Rookie forgot to bring sunscreen on our little hike, therefore Dad's hat was the substitute.

 Little Rookie's first experience with grass!

I guess next time we will feature Daddy Rookie.
And I will remember sunscreen.

Watching Bennett explore outside makes me so anxious & so ready for warmer weather!
He will LOVE it!

Monday, February 25, 2013

my boy.

Lately Bennett has become a bit of a mama's boy (and a daddy's boy too).
He's starting to get "stranger danger" & is recognizing when we leave him.
He also has a bit of a fit when I leave the room (mostly & usually when he is hungry or tired).
Now he scoots after me or follows me around like a little puppy.  

Basically, we are attached at the hip. Literally!
It can be stressful & exhausting some days.
But deep down I remind myself, he is only like this for so long.
He's only my baby once.
And sometimes it's kind of nice to be needed!
It would be more awesome if I could do more things holding a 18+ lb, active baby.
I love being his mama & no role has been more fulfilling to me than being a mother & wife (they go hand in hand and are basically one).

No matter how hard our day was, I go to bed each night with a heart nearly bursting with love, a pledge to be more patient & feeling blessed beyond measure.
I mean, look at that little face?
Please excuse my extremely crazy hair. It was WINDY!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just. Do. It!

I have this problem.
I am the QUEEN of procrastination.
I procrastinate like you've never seen anyone procrastinate before.
Just ask my husband.
In school, it was not the best quality to have, but I managed.
Oh that assignment is due at midnight? SUBMIT at 11:57 p.m. (true story)!
I like to cut it close. Wait until the last minute. Or last possible second!
But the problem is, sometimes things don't happen.
I set some really awesome goals.
I plan like it's my job.
And some things just don't happen!

So I set a new motto for myself.
Just do it!
(Thank you, Nike).

Oh you want to lose the rest of that baby weight plus a few lbs?
So I started counting my calories & I feel great already. I am excited to be more active to get results!

Oh you want to REALLY start that photography business?
This is a little more complicated, but I am working towards it. Doing something EVERY day to help me achieve that dream. 

Oh you want to be better at doing those little things that make the BIG difference?
So I plan my days with a time set specifically for what I like to call "quiet time" (always during nap-time).
I read: scriptures, conference talks, photography books, good novels.
I write: thoughts & goals in my journal, and one things that makes me happy in my little green notebook.
I reflect: on what I am doing good & what I can do better. 

You get the gist, right?
These are all serious goals I have and I hate to say, but I have had them for a long time.
So just recently I set my motto & here I go.
I figured blogging about it made me more accountable to keep it up!:)

I can't wait to apply this to more goals I set & more dreams I have.
Because this procrastination queen is ready to retire the crown.
I just have to jump in and go for it, or my goals may never make it off paper.

And who wants a post without a picture?
These guys are my biggest fans & my best motivation. Love them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


May 2009, when we were babies.

It's been 4 years this month since we first met.
I "blew you off" & two weeks later you insulted my homemade rootbeer making skills.
I immediately loved the way you looked in a baseball cap & your passion for sports.
 And it didn't too many weeks until I was writing "Katie Perkes" in my journal.
That first summer was hard--long distance to even longer distance. But we knew this thing was the forever kind.
My most favorite scavenger hunt led me to you down one knee. I couldn't say yes fast enough!
March 12th, 2010 was a really good day. The best day. With the best feelings & emotions. Mrs. Tyson Perkes, at last!
Cinder block walls, a dryer on the back porch & orangey-brown carpet-- our first, little home.
Big changes moved us South. It was hard to leave family & our special little town. But we were ready.
Another move & best of all-- a mini you came into this world (another best day)
I have never been happier to be yours.
Can't wait to see what the future holds for us, T. Perkes.
I love you.

YES, I will be your Valentine too, Baby B. Especially with that bow-tie & grin you are wearing.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I can barely believe my baby is six months old.
He is so much fun & has a lot of personality.

A few facts about Baby B:
(Mostly for me to remember)
He is such a good, happy baby.
He usually only fusses if he is: hungry, tired, or sick.
He rolls all over the place. 
Sits up all by himself, with an occasional spill here & there.
Gets in crawling stance... he's almost scooting!
Just started eating solids.
Is exclusively nursed-- no bottles or pacifiers for this kid (we tried...).
Loves Sophie the giraffe, books, balls, & music.
Inherited Tyson's love for the water. He goes nuts at bath time!
Chews on his thumb when he is tired.
Babbles a lot, usually says "Da da da da".
Always wants the "none" toy items: phones, remote controls, papers, & drinks are a few of his favs.
Loves his tongue-- it's out of his mouth 75 % of the time.
And his hair is getting long on the top-- so sometimes we do a little fo-hawk for fun (like in the photos below).

We love everything about our Bennett boy. Happy half birthday to our crazy, silly, happy, curious, busy, wiggly, mobile babe! 

Before we know it, you will be 1...

I love these pictures I snapped of Bennett just before sunset today. Balancing a camera & a wiggle worm wasn't an easy task, but definitely worth it. 
These photos are SO Bennett right now. Curious. Wiggly. Silly (always sucking on his bottom lip, puffing those cheeks out). And just happy-go-lucky. 
Plus those big blue eyes melt this mama's heart.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long, 2012.

I loved this year so much.
I am sad to see it go.
But excited to see what 2013 has in store for our little family.
Now let's review.
We made the big move to Springville, and vowed to stop moving mid-winter!

Found out baby B was a boy! Surprised, happy, & so excited.

Went on a "baby-moon" to Hawaii, where we celebrated 2 years of marriage. Hip hip!

Ali & Will came to visit Utah. We played, ate good food, & of course, crafted!

I walked in the commencement ceremonies in Logan, where my Dad was able to give me my diploma cover.

Spent our days anticipating the arrival of baby and the farewell of my swollen feet & big belly.

 Bennett was finally born (after making us wait an extra week)! 7/16/12-- best day ever.

 I finally finished my classes and was able to focus on life as a stay at home mama!

Bennett was blessed by his Daddy-o.

 Spent time as a family of three enjoying my favorite season & Bennett's first Halloween!

Bennett's first Thanksgiving (however no Turkey for him this year, maybe next! :))

Even though Bennett had no idea what was going on-- Christmas with a baby was magical. So. Fun!

Okay 2013-- show  me what you've got!