Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obsessed much?

You could say so.
This song gets me pretty pumped.

I just love it. I also love her hair. This Spring or Summer, I'm going platinum. Definitely. And maybe even shorter... if Tyson lets me. :)

Merry & Bright.

Well, Christmas has come and gone-- it was good year. A great one, in fact! The first married Christmas I've ever had. Although Tyson and I mostly bought our presents together, it was still so fun being able to share the Holiday with him as my husband. We spent Thanksgiving in Logan this year, so we ended up spending Christmas with my family in Springville! I took a few photos-- obviously. I wanted to share, instead of just narrating our Christmas adventures. 

And I must say, Christmas with kids is sooo fun. I can't wait to have my own children, it will bring so much magic back into Christmas.

Here's the festivities:

CAUTION-- there's a lot of photos. Especially of cute kids. Just so you know-- you were warned. :)

 The stockings were hung...
Just a deer in my parent's backyard. NBD.
"Syson" and Joshy.
Christmas Eve Dinner.
I believe she's singing in this. It's adorable, either way.
The twin's turn in the program. Singing adorable preschool songs.
LoLo's turn-- singing the ABC's.
Emma and Ryan's piano performances. Mini Mozarts.
T's piano performance!
Gotta love that wink!
Dad handing out Santa's presents. Santa had the flu...
Cutest picture of the night! Lauren kissing her baby. She's a baby lover!
Matching Jammie's from Grandma!
We're married, it was Christmas, we were fancy-- so we took a picture.
Christmas Morning faces!
Baby Will's first Christmas. :)
Obviously happy about Christmas!
How could you not love that face?
I obviously had a mini photo shoot with Will. And I had to post nearly every picture. Of course.
Christmas morning at the Clyde House.
Present time!
The boys riding up on Dad's new gift...
Looks like it fits. :)
We didn't take a lot of pictures Christmas morning...mostly because we were in our pj's for most of the day. But we had to take this photo. It was a bet. If Utah State beat BYU in football, the other person had to wear the other team's shirt. Now you know who won.... :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I've tried writing this post a few times and I can never come up with a good introduction. Therefore, I think I will just jump in and share the big news that I'm sure you all have been awaiting... and trust me, I've been excited to share! 

The first isn't HUGE news, but it's exciting and I'm quite giddy about it.

1. We're going to Disneyland! In less than two weeks. With my family. With my nieces and nephews. And I cannot wait. Tyson has never been, which only makes me even more excited! It's one of my favorite places-- and truly magically. All that's on my mind when we're there is this: What ride is next? Where should we get fast passes? And where will I get my next churro?
 I would say my face in this pretty much describes how I feel about Disneyland.

What could be better? It's coming at the perfect time too, because.... (onto our next item of business)

2. As many of you may know, we're moving! Tyson got a job with an insurance company in the big SLC, so we're heading south. 
My initial thought when I think about moving is: excitement. I am the type of person who craves changes. Whether it's rearranging my bedroom furniture or chopping my hair off, I get excited. Initially, that is! But this move is going to be VERY bitter sweet. I get a little emotional just typing this or thinking about it! 

I am sad to leave Logan. It's become my home these past four years. I've learned sooo very much in that little town. I've grown. I've changed. I've become a better person. And, duh, I met my husband there. It will ALWAYS be home to me. 
And with a home comes a family. A literal family (Tyson's and some of my extended), a ward family and good friends who are pretty much like family. This will be the hands down hardest part of moving. The best part is, we're not too far away. We'll be frequent visitors to Cache Valley, I can nearly guarantee that. The other good news is we will be closer to my family, which will be fun to be pretty much in the middle! 
So I am excited. That's the sweet part. I am also sad, and that is the bitter part. We'll see how the next month goes for us. 
I'll keep you updated! 

The estimated time of moving will be late January, so Disneyland will be a fun little partay before we buckle down, de-junk our lives and move our little family to a new place. I love new adventures and I'm anxious to see what is in store for us! 

The absolute best part is that no matter what, we'll always be with our little familia. Tyson and I. That makes everything better. :)
A couple photos illustrating some of our favorite places in the beautiful Cache Valley.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hanging out with bubbers.

Love this kid.
Plus the open mouth thing must be genetic. We're just happy ones.
 We're both kind of wearing his bib in this one. It's cool.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I know I keep making lists of things I like or can't wait to happen, but I can't help it. I'm the kind of girl who loves to look forward to things! Hence, these lists. :)

Next week is going to be full of absolute goodness. Here is the run-down of things that will be making it so good.

  •  Seeing the Henrie's. And the cute baby Will-- an obsession of mine (according to Tyson). We hardly ever get the WHOLE family together and these guys are the missing ingredient usually. So it's pretty fun when they come into town.

  • Seeing the Hafen's. I miss those kiddos like crazy! Even if it's only been one month since I've seen them. I'm anxious to hear Little LoLo say "T-T-" and the boys wanting to play with Tyson and to sing Taylor Swift with Emma and Claire. I also always enjoy quality time with Cam and Jer, so we're excited.

  • Of course seeing the Parents and Melvin. We actually spend a lot of our weekends in Springville with Wilf and Nat, and we love it. We're always excited to see Melia, because it also doesn't happen too often even though we only live an hour and a half away from her.

  • Seeing my Besto's! It has been ages since we've all been together (try, five months! eek!). I love these girls to death. They are like soul mates and probably know me better than anyone else (except my husband). Basically, we have the best memories together and I never laugh quite as hard with anyone else but them!

  • HELLO-- Christmas! I think that is self-explanatory. I love Christmas! I love Christmas Eve! I love getting new PJ's on Christmas Eve and dressing up for dinner. I love being with my whole family. You could say I love every little thing about Christmas. I love being home for the Holidays and can't wait to get there. We're leaving Monday morning and I'm so thrilled!

That's pretty much it. We're DONE with finals. Tyson is DONE with school (a post about that is up next). And we're ready for what's going to happen next. Although many of you may know, some don't. We'll share the news soon enough. :) Once we do some finalizing. Ah! I love new things and adventures. Although any new experience is bitter sweet and this will be no exception. 

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

things that make me happy.

I'm two finals away from being DONE with this semester. 
Hip, hip, HOORAY!

I wrapped some presents today and put them under the tree-- I LOVE presents under the tree, so homey and Christmasy. :)

Speaking of Christmas. It's only 10 days away!

In just a few short days we'll be sitting at my parents' house in Springville with the familia and the cutest kiddos on earth! So excited. 

Tyson is also two finals away from being done... but for him, it's really DONE. Way happy for my guy.

It's such a fun time of year and I love it so much! I've been trying to think of the real "reason for the season", our Savior. It's made a difference in the way I look at Christmas. It's something I hope to carry with me as the season comes and goes... I enjoy the peace it brings.

Life is good. Great, in fact. Or like one of my favorite Christmas classics, "It's a Wonderful Life!"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Last Friday as Tyson and I were walking to class I made him stop so I could take a picture of him...


He said to me, "It's not over yet, I still have finals."

But I said "SO WHAT! This is something that has to be documented!"

And while it might have been with a crappy cell phone camera, I still captured the moment.

It's quite life changing you know... finishing college and all.
I'm so proud of this guy. He's the best student I know-- full of dedication, perseverance and determination. He'll do great things in his life. And I'll be lucky enough to be there with him, every step of the way! I can't wait. I feel like we're closing a chapter in our life and moving onto the next... it will be interesting to see what is in store for us. :)

No matter what-- I'll always have this smartie pants (Or Jimmy Neutron as I often refer to him as) as my BFF and husband... forever. Yep. Look at that handsome face! 
Love you T.  
Oh man. I have the biggest crush on him.