Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I've been really excited about decorating our apartment with Christmas decor. Although, we will not be here for Christmas, so I didn't want to go overboard. I think we did well-- lots of good Christmas decor and not a lot of money spent! In fact, I made a lot of the things we have. There's still a few essentials I want to get (a nativity, advent calender, etc.), but what we have will do for now! I'm very pleased and get really excited to turn on all the Christmas lights every night. We have a REAL tree and it smells amazing! It is our first married Christmas and so far, sooo good! :)

Also-- thanks to Wal-Mart for supplying cheap Christmas tree decorations. We're so pleased with them and they were a killer deal! We love that.

 Our lovely tree skirt.
 Ta-da! Our Christmas Tree. We loooove it.
 P is for Perkes.
 Tree decorations. I love the sparkles.
 Hey, there I am!
 A little creation I put together.
 Our stockings.
 Made these- super easy- love them.
 Lights in all the windows!
 So corny-- totally love it.
 Made this little snowman.
 Also made this tree-- one of my favorite makes.
 And a homemade rag wreath-- also very easy and very inexpensive.
A little embellishment. :)

Merry Christmas at the Perkes Casa!


Hannah said...

Katie!!! You need to teach me how to be crafty like you!! Where do you get the ideas to make all of those cute things?! I'm obsessed with your little homemade tree and snowman! SO cute!!!

Courtney Kearns said...

uhh how did you make the joy letters and the tree, I love them.

Katie Perkes said...

The tree is just 2x4's that we cut into different size shapes to make a tree! Painted it, sanded it, threw a star and some garland on. BAM! A tree. The snowman is the same!

The JOY letters were so easy. We bought the frames, painted and sanded them. Then traced the little background paper it comes with and glued paper onto it. Then we bought little letters, glittered them and you have JOY. Love them too!

Jana said...

That is some hard core Christmas decorating. Way to go!

C&L said...

your apartment looks ADORABLE!

The Grish's said...

Dear Katie...your photography is freaking beautiful! we should be friends so that I can get better at being artsy. haha, plus we live right by each other. :)

tifsong said...

you are SO cute.