Sunday, December 12, 2010

good things to come.

Sooo, I haven't had a photo shoot in a few weeks. Which I'm glad for, because I want to enjoy the Holidays and make it through finals week so I can enjoy the Holidays.:)

But I'll tell you one thing: it's making me ITCH to take some photos. I can't wait for some Holiday activities to start happening so I can have some fresh pictures on my computer to edit and post. 
I am anxious to have those again.

I think this is also a really big answer to a really big dilemma I've had. 

I have a lot of great plans for my photography for 2011. 

Getting officially established.

A website.

Packaging and prints!

New pricing.

New gear.

A fresh start! 

And I cannot wait. :)

Be sure to swing by my photo blog, check it out and leave a line or two. Oh and send me an email if you want to book a session for 2011!
And yes, I'm this excited about the new things to come. 
Oh and I happen to adore this boy as well. 
I'm a lucky aunt.

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sarah said...

I'm that excited about your new website as well. Good luck with finals!