Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 29.

I'm almost done with being thankful in my posting. It's December 1st, so I'm trying to get the last couple in-- then it's onto Christmas festivities!

I am thankful for the internet and technology.

This might be a bit extreme for my love of technology, but I really do love that Baby Mac of mine!

This is one of those "shallow" ones, but I seriously am grateful for it! I wouldn't be able to share my gratitude via blog without it! So that's one of the many reasons why I love it. 

The internet is a funny thing. It can be used in so many wrong ways, but also in many good ways. I cannot imagine college without the internet! I use it SO much for school. In fact, next semester I am taking my classes online. That's amazing! And something only possible with technology. I also love staying in touch with others through Facebook and Blogs. I like being able to display my photographic work online. I love emailing. I love the speed, the many options and the many answers I find within the world wide web. I seriously don't know how many times I've google'd questions I have and why yes, I do always seem to find answer! I just love the internet. Is it okay to love that? I do.
I also really like my cell phone. I like being able to text message my husband about little things, like where are you or crazy things we see when apart or to come pick me up from class (yes, we live in on-campus housing-- but it's still far away from the Family Life building). It's so convenient! I love being able to call my mom about cooking questions. Or my sister about the Bachelor. I just like having a cell phone.
I also really like my ipod. I love music. I love listening to it while I walk to class or inbetween breaks. Oh and I definitely love the games on my ipod, such as Tetris and Angry Birds. It's just a fun thing to have and I do really enjoy it. 

My computer-- I love it! I'm on it probably way to much, but I can't help it. I love my baby Mac for many reasons, but mostly for the internet and Lightroom. That is what I use it for the most, definitely. I like being able to watch TV shows online. I like editing photos on my babe. I like doing all my web surfing. There are just a lot of things I like to do on my computer.

The TV. We love the TV here. We (or some people) love ESPNEWS on alllll the time. Still, we like to watch fun shows, we do like the background noise, and we like being able to be entertained by our Tele. That's exactly what it's for, to entertain us! And of course, to keep up on the latest Sports News! Gotta know that. :)

While I love technology dearly, I also really like a break from it. I like to be able to turn off the TV. I like being able for Husband and I to set down our computers and embrace. I like to have my cell phone on silent. I like for my ipod to be dead sometimes. I think it's very good to turn everything off and just be. To mediate on life! To read our scriptures. To pray. To have a good, heartfelt conversation with T. To just be in tune with nature and the spirit and not be distracted. Technology is good! There are so many good things to it, but it's so good to be able to turn it all off. To actually live life, instead of blog-stalk everyone else's. :) But I am still grateful for it and the many good purposes it serves! 

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