Friday, January 28, 2011


It was my dad's birthday yesterday.

He celebrated it across the Pacific on the lovely island of Oahu, HI. 
When I called him, he was just finishing up golfing. In Hawaii. 
So I know it was a good birthday for him.

I don't want to get too mushy, but I can't make any promises.

Also, if you will remember, I posted about my father here.

But I just had to dedicate a special blog post to this man, because he deserves it. Without too much mushy-ness (but once again, I can't make any guarantees. I am his baby). 

I'll keep this short and sweet.

My Dad better be around at least as long as my Grandma has been (she's 92).
Because I'm not sure what life would be like without him.

He brings great humor into our family, always leaving us laughing.
He's a wonderful husband and made me see what kind of man a husband should be (good thing I found a pretty good catch).
He's a great friend, very caring and thoughtful of others. 
He has a heart full of service (my mom too).
He really loves his family; his wife, his daughters, his son-in-laws and his grandkids. 
He knows how to be a esteemed and successful businessman.
He is a protector and presides very well over the home.
He's there for any advice you could ever need.
He is very neat and sure knows how to organize just about anything.
He tries to make sure his family has a good time (whether it be on a trip to Disneyland or watching a fully surround sound movie in the basement). 
He is a very hard worker and is really good a yard work.
He never did learn how to do hair, but he knows how to tie every knot imaginable.
He's liked by anyone who knows him (I know that for a fact).

And we like him enough to keep him around (for at least 35 more years).

And I'm so glad he's my Dad. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We're Up and Running.

Well, we're moved! I wouldn't say we're 100% "moved in" yet, but getting there. Actually, the only things left to do are organizing and unpacking the second bedroom (which has a lot of miscellaneous items) and making this place a little more homey! Oh and buying a few things, like a dining room table and other things we might "need" from IKEA. :)

So far, so good. We love the size of the apartment, although we probably didn't need two bathrooms. I think that will come in handy when we have guests! :) We went to our ward on Sunday and they were very welcoming and very nice. I think that's one of the great things about the Gospel-- it's everywhere you go and there's always warm, welcoming people everywhere you go.

I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I soon will. An apartment tour is in the works, for all those who care. 
It was kind of a crazy last few days, but I finally feel like we are getting settled and beginning our routine. In fact, I'm planning on making dinner tonight-- something that hasn't happened in a long time!

And the best part of getting settled is we finally have the internet and cable! Two things we realized we're not very good at living without. Although we don't have a router to make our internet wireless yet, but we're still really glad to be connected. 

Stay tuned for more new posts about our new life in our new home! It's been an adventure already and we know there's lots more to come!

PS: one really exciting thing about our new home. Less than five minutes away from us:

Yummy restaurants, like Chipolte and Pei Wei
And, my favorite-- Nordstrom Rack!

I will have no problem using any or all of those resources. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


is the big day.

Moving day!

Our house is almost all the way packed up, yet still a total disaster (namely the kitchen: the worst room to pack, in my opinion)!

Today is going to be full of packing, taking DI trips, cleaning, organizing, and wrapping up our memories in our first apartment together. 

Overall, we've really loved it here. I remember the first time walking into our apartment and feeling a bit let down. But that quickly changed once we brought our stuff into it and once it become a home. We're so used to it, a new place will be strange for a little while! Although we're both really excited for our new apartment. I'm excited for a dishwasher and a walk-in closet in our bedroom! And a new adventure with my best friend.

Our nerves are melting away and excitement is taking its place! 

Soon, this place will be our new home:
 The South Salt Lake Valley

Really close to this beautiful place:
Jordan River Temple
I can't wait to see what the next chapter of our lives has in store for us! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Disneyland in Photos.

I posted about our trip over here, but I have lots more pictures to post. I can finally look at them without such a strong yearning to be there. Don't get me wrong, I want to go back... D-Land was a blast. But I am back to reality:
Trying to embrace my schoolwork,
doing my best at packing and organizing,
and planning our new life in SLC (starting in T-minus five days).

This trip to the happiest place was quite special, because it was Tyson's first trip there EVER! I think I was more giddy about that than anything else. Maybe even more than him. Ha! But he loved it and he'll go back... but not with our kids every year like I'd hoped. Still-- so glad he liked it! Because as we all know now, I'm.... well.... rather obsessed.

Enjoy our trip. It was awesome. Next time, you all can come. Because we're some of the best Disneylanders there are (next to the Nance Family and Walt's off-spring). 

 Starting on our trip on the airport shuttle!
 Will and Melia
 After receiving their "1st Visit" buttons and balloons! Had to be documented. :)
 Three sleeping children at the Cheesecake Factory.
 Make that four!

Everyone's ready for Day 1:

 The Twins in Disneyland! (please note Josh's shirt "batteries not included"-- love it!)
 Toy Story Mania-- a favorite.
 It's tough to be a bug!
 Will and Woody-- best pals!
 Well-behaved babes.
 A happy breakfast to start off a good day at the happiest place!
 Awkward. Yet funny.
 So focused for the Carousel. 
Don't let her face fool you. She actually loved [most] all the rides she could go on.
 Yes, we love all rides including the carousel (minus the giant goose-egg I received on this carousel ride).
 Josh, my tea-cup partner.
 Lovely face Clairey.
 Lolo on the move with her "biddy".
 Third time in a row on Splash. I opted out after twice and took pictures instead!
Jeremy, Tyson and all the kiddos.
 Love this girl just like she loves chocolate.
 This is the EXACT face Tyson gives me when I take pictures of him. It's the "why are you taking solo pictures of me" expression. I love it. And all the solo pictures! :)
 What could be cuter?
 please note: this was after a day of fun, fun, fun not necessarily beauty, beauty, beauty.
 Tyson and "Lego" Woody!
 Tyson said he needed a picture here for those times he's in the "dog-house". 
(Which is NOT that often, just for the record!)
I. Love. Churros.
no matter the price.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few thoughts.

We've spent the majority of today packing. 
Boxing. Organizing. De-junking. Planning.

And we probably aren't even half way! Ugh. This next week will include the former plus cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! I guess that's what packing is all about. Gotta love it... Ha!

This moving thing is harder than I expected. 
Probably because it's real now.
In fact, yesterday I had a total meltdown. Because I wished we were still in Disneyland (am I five years old? I guess so).  That was the only explanation for my tears. Therefore, Tys and I were laughing our heads off as I was also bawling my head off. Sounds crazy, right?

But it was a lot more than that. I think my initial thought was how fun DL was, how I didn't have to worry or deal with anything. Like school, moving, winter, etc. But now it's hitting me. I'm back in school, through the world wide web (which is going to take some adjusting). 

We're leaving Cache Valley. The place where we met and fell in love. Where we have good friends and a really good ward. Where we're comfortable. And the hardest of all, where family is.
We have to be the "new people". That's scary! A new ward, a new place, a new job, a new routine.
Tyson keeps saying, but I thought you liked change? Well I do. But not the scary part of it all.

I like that we are starting a new chapter of our lives.
I like that we are moving to a really nice, new apartment.
I like that we will be closer to other family.
I like that this will be a really good adventure for us. Not far from Cache Valley. And still in a really good place.

So although I may have a few more meltdowns this week-- I'm happy. I know this is right. I know it will be exciting for us! And I know it means more good things to come.

Just bear with me for the next week... :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home from Heaven.

We just got home from the happiest place on earth and let me tell you...

I'm not that happy to be home.
And for reality to be hitting.
And to be packing up our apartment in the next week to move.
And to be back in school.

Nope. Not that happy or excited. 
But, I soon will change my attitude! I promise.

It's just hard to leave the happiest place on earth with your favorite people.

I want my biggest worry to be curing achy feet and avoiding lines with longer than 15 minute waits. 
PS- we didn't have to do very much waiting at all, lucky us. :)

It was a great vacation. Back to the real world...

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Being a wife and having neighbors who were also married people, I decided to give a few neighbor gifts to friends in our ward. I made these adorable reindeer (IBC root beer and a few other crafty things) and some cookies to go with them. I think they were a big hit! Maybe I'll do some neighbor gifts next year too. :)