Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few thoughts.

We've spent the majority of today packing. 
Boxing. Organizing. De-junking. Planning.

And we probably aren't even half way! Ugh. This next week will include the former plus cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! I guess that's what packing is all about. Gotta love it... Ha!

This moving thing is harder than I expected. 
Probably because it's real now.
In fact, yesterday I had a total meltdown. Because I wished we were still in Disneyland (am I five years old? I guess so).  That was the only explanation for my tears. Therefore, Tys and I were laughing our heads off as I was also bawling my head off. Sounds crazy, right?

But it was a lot more than that. I think my initial thought was how fun DL was, how I didn't have to worry or deal with anything. Like school, moving, winter, etc. But now it's hitting me. I'm back in school, through the world wide web (which is going to take some adjusting). 

We're leaving Cache Valley. The place where we met and fell in love. Where we have good friends and a really good ward. Where we're comfortable. And the hardest of all, where family is.
We have to be the "new people". That's scary! A new ward, a new place, a new job, a new routine.
Tyson keeps saying, but I thought you liked change? Well I do. But not the scary part of it all.

I like that we are starting a new chapter of our lives.
I like that we are moving to a really nice, new apartment.
I like that we will be closer to other family.
I like that this will be a really good adventure for us. Not far from Cache Valley. And still in a really good place.

So although I may have a few more meltdowns this week-- I'm happy. I know this is right. I know it will be exciting for us! And I know it means more good things to come.

Just bear with me for the next week... :)


sarah said...

Hey, just remember Leslie and I are in the same boat as you! And while you're moving away from your other friends, our dreams of the three of us living in the same city is getting that much closer!

Good luck with your move. I'm sure everything will turn out perfectly.

Maddie said...

Katie, please let me know if you need anything this week! I'd be more than glad to help!


WendyandGabe said...

Good luck! Moving is tough even when good things are in store. Are you moving to Salt Lake? What part?

curtis and jacque dana said...

Katie!!! AHHH...We'll miss you guys a ton. You are amazing, keep in touch. Thanks for all your help, I've learned so much from you. Love Jacque