Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home from Heaven.

We just got home from the happiest place on earth and let me tell you...

I'm not that happy to be home.
And for reality to be hitting.
And to be packing up our apartment in the next week to move.
And to be back in school.

Nope. Not that happy or excited. 
But, I soon will change my attitude! I promise.

It's just hard to leave the happiest place on earth with your favorite people.

I want my biggest worry to be curing achy feet and avoiding lines with longer than 15 minute waits. 
PS- we didn't have to do very much waiting at all, lucky us. :)

It was a great vacation. Back to the real world...

1 comment:

The Maxfield's said...

ugh, i know exactly how you feel! and please let's play before you guys abandon us.