Monday, January 17, 2011

Disneyland in Photos.

I posted about our trip over here, but I have lots more pictures to post. I can finally look at them without such a strong yearning to be there. Don't get me wrong, I want to go back... D-Land was a blast. But I am back to reality:
Trying to embrace my schoolwork,
doing my best at packing and organizing,
and planning our new life in SLC (starting in T-minus five days).

This trip to the happiest place was quite special, because it was Tyson's first trip there EVER! I think I was more giddy about that than anything else. Maybe even more than him. Ha! But he loved it and he'll go back... but not with our kids every year like I'd hoped. Still-- so glad he liked it! Because as we all know now, I'm.... well.... rather obsessed.

Enjoy our trip. It was awesome. Next time, you all can come. Because we're some of the best Disneylanders there are (next to the Nance Family and Walt's off-spring). 

 Starting on our trip on the airport shuttle!
 Will and Melia
 After receiving their "1st Visit" buttons and balloons! Had to be documented. :)
 Three sleeping children at the Cheesecake Factory.
 Make that four!

Everyone's ready for Day 1:

 The Twins in Disneyland! (please note Josh's shirt "batteries not included"-- love it!)
 Toy Story Mania-- a favorite.
 It's tough to be a bug!
 Will and Woody-- best pals!
 Well-behaved babes.
 A happy breakfast to start off a good day at the happiest place!
 Awkward. Yet funny.
 So focused for the Carousel. 
Don't let her face fool you. She actually loved [most] all the rides she could go on.
 Yes, we love all rides including the carousel (minus the giant goose-egg I received on this carousel ride).
 Josh, my tea-cup partner.
 Lovely face Clairey.
 Lolo on the move with her "biddy".
 Third time in a row on Splash. I opted out after twice and took pictures instead!
Jeremy, Tyson and all the kiddos.
 Love this girl just like she loves chocolate.
 This is the EXACT face Tyson gives me when I take pictures of him. It's the "why are you taking solo pictures of me" expression. I love it. And all the solo pictures! :)
 What could be cuter?
 please note: this was after a day of fun, fun, fun not necessarily beauty, beauty, beauty.
 Tyson and "Lego" Woody!
 Tyson said he needed a picture here for those times he's in the "dog-house". 
(Which is NOT that often, just for the record!)
I. Love. Churros.
no matter the price.


Sandy said...

Looks like loads of fun!!! Since you are the Disney expert...we are going in October and I 'd love some advice. We'll be packing around a 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old. Any suggestions on how to tote them? Also, did you take your nice camera? Did you just leave it with someone when you went on a ride?
Good luck with SLC!!! Can't wait to see how your photography blossoms!

Cierra Johnson said...

Hey! I just found your cute blog! Disneyland looks like it was so much fun!

Thank you so much for the bag of goodies you brought me! That was seriously so so thoughtful of you and I loved all of it! And thank you for being such a great visiting teacher to me this last little while! It was great to get to know you better! I wish you and Tyson the best of luck on your new journey! :)

Kate & Jordan Van Ausdal said...

SOOOOOOOO jealous...looks like you had a blast....oh and I want to steal your adorable little nephew!