Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 27.

On a roll! Especially since I'm still behind and almost caught up! Sad to see that only three more after this though... like I mentioned before, I've really enjoyed this gratitude stuff. :) It has also helped me blog more! Which I've liked a lot. 

I am thankful for traditions.

I think this one is on my mind a lot, because of the Holidays. That is when traditions really happen. When they are created and when they take place, each year. :) Right? If it's a tradition, then it happens again and again... and that is the beauty of having them! I've loved the traditions my family has had over the years. The ones I remember and love the most have to do with Christmas. When I was a little girl, each year we had a routine. It went a little like this:

Christmas Eve
Helping Grandma get ready for the party in the morning
Movie at the theater during the early afternoon
Grandma Clyde's annual famous Christmas Party!
Home to open up PJ's
All the girls sleeping in the same room, usually Cami's

Christmas Day
Wake up, scope out the presents
Make and eat breakfast (yes this was torturous as a child, but I really like it now)
Open stocking presents
Open all our gifts and play with them
Head up to Grandma Egbert's

A few days after Christmas, there was usually a Egbert family party with my Grandpa's side of the family at his sister's house. Lunch, Indian Santa, gifts and a program! 

Now, the traditions are obviously changing a little bit! Instead of everyone going to my Grandma's on Christmas Eve, we now do the same routine at my parents house. Dress-up, fancy dinner, Santa comes, program, presents! Still do the PJ's, don't quite all sleep in the same room anymore. :) And instead of going up to Lewiston on Christmas Day, we just hang out at my parents house with our presents and eating lots of treats! Now just my mom's side of the family has a party together a few days after Christmas, with pretty much the same routine (minus the Indian Santa). :)
 Claire and her gingerbread house, Christmas '08.
 Retrieving my gift from Santa, Christmas '08.
Emma performing her number for the Christmas Program, '09.
 Christmas Morning at the Clyde House, '09.
 Christmas Evening at the Clyde House, '09.
At the Egbert Family Party, '08.

I love these traditions, even if they are changing! They make me so much more excited for the Holidays. I'm also really excited, because I am inheriting a whole new set of traditions with the Perkes family! Some overlap, such as making gingerbread houses, but there are new ones as well! Even more than getting new ones from Tyson's family, is collaborating our traditions to create new ones for our own little family one day. We've already talked about a few and I am getting excited about having our own family to share them with! And of course, to share the traditions we've enjoyed as children with them. It will be so exciting!

Traditions mean family time, making memories and remembering past years together. I love them! Not just Christmas traditions, but every tradition. In fact, I don't like them being broken, but some minor changes are fine. :) I am thankful for the times I've had with my family celebrating our traditions and I look forward to more memories made as the traditions happen every year! :)

I am Thankful. Day 26.

Tyson suggested this I do this one... and I agree that it is a good one. Plus I only have four more after this! That's crazy. Thirty days. Thirty gratitude posts... it's been good. And of course that thankfulness will not be ending, but it's weird to think these posts will. I guess then I can finally update you all about our really exciting lives! Actually, things are getting more exciting with the Holiday season here! :) Love this time of year. So, stay tuned after the gratitude posts end... there's more excitement just around the corner!

I am grateful for good health.

I say this as I lay in bed, unable to breathe out of my nose, a wheezy cough and a pile of Kleenexes by my side. So, obviously I am a little sick right now. My favorite way to spend Holiday weekends... ha ha. Okay so not my favorite, but I've been doing alright until today.  I will tell you this though, being sick sure does make you miss your health. And beside from the common cold every now and then, I do have great health that I am more than grateful for. There a lot of people out there, some in our lives, who suffer from constant illness, cancer or other health problems. I am so glad that the worse that happens to me right is a cold, or a stomach ache or the flu. Of course no one likes being sick, but it helps knowing in a couple of days, it will all be over! 

One reason I think I've been blessed with good health is help others who may not have the best health ever. That is another blessing I'm so grateful for! I'm so happy to use my own energy, strength and health to help those in need. It's something I want to do more often, in fact!

I've been so lucky to have good health. I know this post is pretty short, but I feel like it's self-explanatory. I have nothing more to say, but that I definitely take my good health for granted. Kind of makes me glad to be sick from time to time, so I can remember the blessing of health! Thank goodness I have it. I'm young, energized and healthy-- I gotta live life to it's fullest! And sometimes a good reminder helps that to be more possible and more frequent. Life is good-- so live it up. Right? Right! 

I can't wait to going sledding, run in the snow without breathing hard and laugh without coughing. :)

This is us, snowball fighting and kissing and loving life. 
{Almost} one year ago-- engagement photo shoot. :)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 25.

Since Day 25 is technically Thanksgiving Day, I think this post is very fitting.

I am thankful for being thankful.

Sounds a little redundant, eh? Well, I think not! You see, what is the point of all these great things in our lives if we are not thankful for them. Taking time to realize how blessed we are allows us to exercise that gratitude that we have within our hearts. I know that even just this blogging has opened my eyes immensely. Each day when I sit down to write the post, I think of an idea to write about and then just let it take my mind. I always end up with something a little unexpected, but even better than I imagined. It's been a great experience for me to exercise my gratitude! I have been thinking about the good things (the OH so many many good things) in my life and actually expressing my feelings for them. I've actually loved it!

Thanksgiving is that time of year when we typically do think of these things and realize our blessings. Allow it is definitely something that needs to be done more, I'm glad we have this day to remember how much we have been given! Each Thanksgiving I get to spend that time being thankful. What a great thing to have, a whole day for gratitude! I suppose that is why I started this whole being thankful month, because of Thanksgiving. But it's something I want to keep on doing, even if it isn't in blog posts, but a journal. Every week-- or even better, every day. I bet we could all come up with at least one thing each day that we are thankful for. And although today's may seem a bit redundant, I still think it is a good one. 

In this crazy world and through all of our trials, we have some things to be grateful for. Remember those things can help us get through the sorrow and overcome evil. It reminds me of Josh Groban's song, Thankful-- which I LOVE. Listen to it here... and like Josh says, "there's so much to be thankful for." Very, very true.

I am thankful. :)

Because what is a post without and picture. Oh and I'm SO thankful for him, obviously. Especially when I'm sick, which I currently am! He's the best... and so handsome. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 24.

I am DEFINITELY behind. Been having too much fun during this Thanksgiving break... and getting sick too. Lovely. Anyway, I only have a few more days and I WILL complete 30 posts. Who cares what day they are posted on. Right? Right. Then maybe we'll have a 25 days of Christmas Countdown-- gotta love the Holidays!

I am thankful for good friends.

I have some of the best friends there are. Period. I can't just post about 3 or 4 of them, because I really do have a lot of good good friends! I've been so blessed to meet the people I have, especially at the times I've met them. Of course some of my bestos and I have been friends since pretty much birth, but others I have met through times in my life when I really needed them most! I would say most of these friends came through High School and College. You know, during those trying times for girls and pretty much anyone. I would LOVE love to post about each friend I have, but that would take another whole month or two. :) I just had to do a quick post on good friends, because they are definitely something we all need! I look at my parents and the awesome group of friends they have. I even love being around them, because they have so much fun together and are so giving to one another! It's incredible what they will do for one another-- great examples of service right there.

I've made many friends in my life who have truly impacted me. It's like the song from Wicked, "..because I knew you, I have been changed for good!" There's a lot of people I could most DEFINITELY apply that phrase to. Through neighborhood friends, dance lessons, soccer teams, cheerleading, high school, college, roommates, and even friends found within my family; like cousins, aunts, sisters and my parents. These are some of the places I've found those people who really have changed my life! I'm sure many of you know who you are, but you may not know how much you have changed my life. I think that's why we are given friends, especially at certain times in our life, to lift our spirits and help us to get through life! They make it so fun. There's nothing I love more to do with my friends than to just laugh together. Sure this may bring some wet pants, but that just means more memories! :)

I'm very grateful for friends and for how they have changed my life, for good!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 23.

I am thankful for my marriage.

Don't worry, they'll probably be a post just on the husband. That's a given. I'm saving it for the grand finale. :) But this post is a little bit different than just all about T. 

I was grateful to be raised in a home in which my parents modeled a great marriage. Perfect? No. But who has the "perfect" marriage-- someone with a "perfect" life, so... no one. Anyway, they showed me just how a marriage should work. Equally. They did things for each other. They parented together. They have similar goals and beliefs. They even have very similar, very admirable traits such as selflessness, giving, loving, caring and funny. Yes, my parents are indeed quite funny.
And they outlined for me what a marriage should be. 

So, when I started dating, especially when I got into college, I thought of that marriage and the relationship my parents had. Needless to say, I had a few experiences with guys that I knew could never give me a marriage like my parents had. I may have met some who could have give me a good marriage, but maybe not a great marriage. 

Luckily, I finally met that guy on February 28, 2009 (yes-- we know that date, because we're like that).
I didn't know right away that he'd be that guy, the one to give me what I desired so much. Although, it didn't really take long after for me to know that this guy was a good one and that I wanted to be with him forever. And oh boy, is he a good husband. Let me tell you a little about our marriage and my super cool husband.

-- He does the majority of all the dishes. Like, we don't have a dishwasher, so that's a lot. I cooks, he cleans. It's a deal!
-- He does the laundry maybe more than I do. Well, mostly we tag-team it. I actually like doing laundry, it's my favorite household chore. I think a large reason he does it before I do is because he runs out of clothes before I do. :) Plus I know he likes to help me around the house.
-- He's really good at cleaning the bathroom.
-- Basically, he's a good one to have around the house to help out!

This is one thing I love about our marriage so far! We are equal partners. Just because I am the wife and future stay at home mom, doesn't mean I have to do all the housework alone. He definitely doesn't make me! Ever! I love that. We tag team it and I know that's just an example of how our life will always be, especially as parents. I am a firm believer in being co-parents in everything. I know I'm not a parent yet, but I want Tyson to be involved in our kids lives just as much as I will be. And I know he will be! That already makes me happy.
There's a lot of great things I could tell you about our marriage. But just know that is a good one. We are 100% on the same page. We have the same beliefs. We have the same goals. We are learning to create a home together as equal partners, something that will last forever. And I couldn't be more grateful for the man I married to make this possible! Go marriage! 

Teamwork works....believe it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 22.

Today's is an easy one, especially after watching this.

I am thankful for the little things.

Life isn't always about the big things. Of course we are grateful for our family on days when we haven't seen in them a while. Or we may be grateful for the sunshine when Spring finally makes its way through Winter and brings the warmth. We may even be ever so grateful for hot water when we do not have it for a day or two (this might have happened to us).
But why do we always wait to be grateful for things that surround us every single day? I am guilty of this, 100%! 
It's reminds me of the phrase, you always want what you can't have.

When my sister moved out of the state, I found myself wanting a better relationship with her... a friendship. Why didn't I spend all those years when we lived at home together wanting this? Now that we have established a great relationship, I don't ever want to take it for granted again! I love being with her when she comes to town and I miss her when she is away. Each night when Tys and I get on our knees and pray, our families are always one of the first things mentioned. And I go through nearly each person (at least each of my sisters and his siblings and parents) in my mind each night. I sincerely am grateful for each one of them and that's something I want to keep in my "Thanksgiving daily".

We are so very blessed to live in such a beautiful place! I know whenever It travel somewhere, even if it's to Southern Utah, I marvel at the beautiful things around me. The flowers, the plants, the rocks, the mountains, the greenery, whatever it may be... it's simply beautiful. Take for instance, being in Switzerland. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Green, rolling hills and mountains... there's just this feeling there that makes it a truly beautiful place. Then I think about my home, Utah. Currently, Cache Valley and wow-- we live in a beautiful place, with the most gorgeous sunsets and breathtaking mountains (especially those Wellsville mountains)! That is something that should always be in my "Thanksgiving daily".
 Lucerne, Switzerland
Overlooking Cache Valley

I think about all the important things in my life and all the things that mean the most to me. Right now, this very instant, I think of my husband. These things didn't come to me through miraculous things or by a big huge gift. They are given me during the times when I may need them most, but through the simplest ways. For Tyson, it was a dance party on a cold February night at a time in my life when I needed him more than I thought I did. 

That's just how our Heavenly Father works, in mysterious ways and through tender mercies. I'm so so SO grateful for the tender mercies he gives me and for the small things I often take for granted. I don't want to do that. I don't want to be so busy going day to day that I forget to stop and look around and just be grateful. It's a beautiful world with so many good things and yes-- they need that daily recognition. We need to give our "Thanksgiving daily"... no matter what. 
New goal? Check.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 21.

If you are still reading these, I am impressed. I decided that I'm mostly doing this for myself anyway! Especially so I can look back and remember all those wonderful things in my life... :)
But don't stop! We like readers. We like comments even more.... just sayin'!
I am thankful for good entertainment.

I love TV shows, movies, music and plays and anything else that brings entertainment. By GOOD entertainment, I mean clean and funny and still can bring enjoyment. I know this one might be kind of "fake" or lame, but I feel like it's a good one to write about. 

I think the thing I like most about these things is they bring a satisfaction of just laughing, not thinking, and just relaxing! You need that time, especially as a student. You don't need it rule your mind, but you do need it to unwind and take a little breather. I think one of my favorite things to watch these days is Gilmore Girls. It's on everyday and I watch it pretty much every day. Usually while I am eating lunch or making dinner, because those are the times it is on. Although Tyson thinks the show is kind of dumb, I really like it! It's clean, it's funny and it's good entertainment.
I also think that entertainment can be a form of art. Being somewhat of an artist, I greatly appreciate other art. Here's a good example, The Lion King on Broadway. Have you seen it? You better. It's AMAZING. The music, the costumes, the set designs... seriously. That is art 100% and it's good entertainment. I love it! Another good one? Wicked. So hilarious. So good! 

These are good things. They are meant to be enjoyed and they are meant to enrich our lives. Of course we all have our Gilmore Girls or something else to just veg out to-- like when there's a season of the Bachelor on. :) But we also have true art in the forms of entertainment which are actually good for us. At least I think. Maybe it's just my creative side, but when I see a really good and clever movie, I feel inspired. When I see an amazing Broadway play or even a really good High School Play, I feel enriched, inspired and usually a bit amazed at the talent they have! 

This good entertainment may also be sport spectating, something that Tyson and any of the guys in my family L-O-V-E. I like sports too and I think they totally count as good entertainment. That's what they are there for! Plus they're fun when it means you get to go to Vegas in December for a Bowl game and eat really good food during the 48 hours you are there (but maybe not this year...:( )!

I love some good entertainment. We all do! It's something to be grateful for and that, I definitely am.

I am Thankful. Day 20.

Still behind. Still catching up. I will be at Day 21 tonight before I rest. That's a promise!

I am thankful for my families.

Yes, families. Of course my family is one of them and Tyson's family is the other. I'm sure that is a given. I know I posted about our parents and my sisters and the nieces and nephews, but I think a collective "family" post is quite necessary!

Let me start with the Clyde clan. 

I am so so glad I was born into the family I was! I love having three older sisters, even if they were a little bossy back in the day. I also am glad they were bossy (kind of), because I know it means they really just wanted me to make good choices even when I was young. I also know my parents wanted that for me as well. I don't think I was ever a rebellious child, but we all have our "teenage" years and our "teenage" mistakes. I know that my parents set the rules they did because they loved me. They loved me so much, that they raised me in the gospel and that is something I can never repay them for. Actually, there are a lot of things I can't repay them for. They continually do things for me that require much selflessness and patience and love. Three things I want to give my children more than anything (well, along with the gospel). 

I'm also so grateful for the memories I have with my family. Some of my favorites are ones we inquire on family vacations; whether it's in Disneyland with Nance family or Hawaii with each other or Lake Powell with the whole neighborhood-- they are always memorable. I don't have a lot of memories of Cami and Melia living at home, unless it was for a short period of time after they'd graduated, but we are making up for that by spending time together on weekends and holidays. Those are the times I love the most. I have an awesome family and we really care about each other and we're all living just the way our mom and dad taught us too. :)

Now for the Perkes.
I am also incredibly blessed to have married into such a wonderful family! My in-laws are some of the best people I know. Scott and Becky give their children and the in-laws exactly what my parents give us; love, patience and selflessness. They are incredible examples of this and have definitely taught it to their children. I am so glad I have the SIL's that I do! They are so much fun. I love the "girl time" we have together, whether it be journeying down to Park City or doing crafts! It's so fun and I look forward to many more years of "girl time". The Perkes family is also really good at planning things, which is so fun and gives you something to look forward to! When a holiday comes around, you better believe we know what is happening weeks in advance and I love it-- because it's something to look forward to. They are just really funny, loving and happy people and we've been blessed to live by them this first part of our lives together. It's been really fun and they are great people.

Lastly, I am grateful for MY family. Only it only may be one other person right now, I know we have good things to come. I can't wait to have our own little family, with our own little routines and traditions. I can't wait to teach our children and give them just what our parents give to us! I know parenthood will be one of the greatest blessings in our life together and I know it's something we'll love-- when the time comes. :)

Basically--- I couldn't be more lucky and I am overwhelmed with awesome family-ness. It even goes beyond our immediate families! We have loving and giving aunts and uncles and grandparents. The luck just keeps on going! I love getting together with any kind of family that we have, because it's guaranteed a good time! I know there are many, many people who would do anything for us and that is a comfort to us. And I am forever grateful for my families. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 19.

Oops. I missed yesterday again. But don't think I won't be making up for it tonight! I guess that sort of thing just happens on weekends-- too much partying. Or too tired... :)

First of, I have to say-- two of my good friends (both ex-roomies) are doing this same thing. I've gotten a couple of ideas from them and vice versa! :) So today's comes again from Hannah. It was a great one and something that has been on my mind and something I also knew I wanted to post about. So thanks for the reminder/inspiration Hannah! 

I am thankful for Holidays.

C201 Family, Christmas 2008. :)
Christmas 2008.
 Thanksgiving 2010.
 Thanksgiving 2009!
 Claire, tugging on Santa's beard. Christmas 2009.
 Family photo with Santa. Christmas 2009.
 My parent's Christmas Tree. :) Christmas 2009.
Our first New Years! Ringing in 2010. :)

I LOVE this time of year. It's the only time of year I find snow acceptable and actually kind of like it (what is Christmas without snow?!). It's such a happy time of year. Thanksgiving is the perfect way to kick off the Holiday season.
Eating good food and having good family time. This year, crafts and also this year, Black FRIDAY (I don't usually go, but I think we are gong to attempt going this year!) :) Turkey bowling (and what is Thanksgiving without Football?) Napping and relaxing after a full meal. Playing games and eating pie. Having no school! 
And of course, MORE family time!

 Oh and I just love the anticipation leading up to Christmas. I love the decorations! I love all the activities that come with Christmas. I love Christmas lights everywhere. I especially love seeing the lights at Temple Square. I love making gingerbread houses. I love buying and wrapping presents. I love being home for the Holidays. I love so many things I can't even name them all!
And of course, I love celebrating the real reason we celebrate Christmas! :)

I know this time of year is the "holiday" season, but I also enjoy all holidays. Halloween, New Years, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, etc.! I love holidays, they make me really happy. Oh and I have socks for almost every Holiday. As Tyson says,"Who really has socks like these?" I do

 I think my favorite part of this Holiday Season is good food and good family time. I love spending time with my family and with Tyson's family. Just BEING with each other is fun. I love that the Holidays bring us together, to eat good food and make memories. 

I love traditions. I love family time. I love Holidays. :)