Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 6.

CRAP! I realize it is past midnight, due to a craft supply run to Wal-Mart, and that might mess up my daily gratitude post, but oh well. This will still be Day 6 and tomorrow (which is technically happening right now) will be Day 7. Who cares about the dates. Not I.

Not that it's hard to think of things to be grateful for, but when I sit down to write them out in a blog post, it can be difficult narrowing it down. I guess there's too many good things. There are a few posts that will inevitably happen and for some reason I am putting them off for now. I think tonight's will be something that has been happening slash on my mind the past few days.

I am thankful for my sisters.
 Love this picture of us!
 My mom is basically a sister too!
The most recent, in Hawaii-- August 2010.

My sisters and I are all quite different. We vary in age, me being the youngest by nearly 6 years. We vary in height, me being the shortest at 5'6". We vary in where we are in life, me being the newlywed. We vary in the location of where we currently reside, me being the only Cache Valley-er. We also vary in the way we look, me not being the only brunette (Melia), but basically, we don't look like identical twins-- that's for sure. I guess we do have a similar appearance and have physical attributes that tie to one another. 

BUT we are actually very similar to. We come from the same two people, the greatest parents on earth. We were raised to have the same values and beliefs. We all have been through the temple (and how special it was to have all my sisters at my endowment session and wedding). We kind of all have the same voice, or so we're told. We can all flare our noses, some better than others (Cami... and Melia). We all MOSTLY like shopping (Melia is the only exception, but it's growing on her). And we all love each other. Yes, we do. Even after years of fighting (some more than others), we've come to this wonderful point in our lives where there is a lot less fighting and a lot more bonding. It's actually a very beautiful thing and way more fun to be sister-friends, than sister-enemies.

I love my sisters a lot. Sometimes I wish we all lived on the same street and saw each other often, but then I think about how we might start that whole sister-fighting-enemy thing again. It's fun when we all get together, because it doesn't happen TOO many times a year, but it's really quite fun. I do wish it happened more and maybe one day it will. :) I'm just grateful to have the sisters I have and for the differences and the similarities that make us have the sisterhood that we do. They are and always have been such great examples to me! I can't wait for the many adventures I am yet to face that they know a lot about, like motherhood, so I can use their wisdom and advice to better myself! Being the youngest isn't so bad, even if I did complain about my "four mothers" when I was younger, now I'm pretty glad. :)

Love my sistah's. Love them dearly. SO grateful for them!

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