Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 3.

I am thankful for Hawaii. (Seriously).
 Overlooking Waimea Bay.
 On top of Diamondhead.
 Sunset Beach.
That's T out in the water!
I had to include this picture-- it's my favorite picture of T.

Oh man, lately I have seriously been missing this place! I've been ever so fortunate to grow up being able to visit this place pretty frequently. Over the years, I've fallen in love. Oh and it definitely has not worn off. Each time I go, I fall more in love and cannot get enough of that Hawaiian air and beautiful sunshine! 
It was especially awesome this last time, because T got to experience paradise for the first time ever. Let's just say, he's pretty smitten himself. We can't look at pictures too often, or else our heart's just yearn to get back to where we belong! 

I sure hope our own children have the chance to get to fall in love with Hawaii just like we have! It's the perfect place for EVERYONE, no matter your age. It holds so many of my favorite childhood memories, especially ones with family. It has the best shave ice on the planet. We stay on the best beach in the entire world. Oh and if you haven't noticed, it's BEAUTIFUL! 

I love living in a place of seasonal changes and being surrounded by mountains; but how can you not fall in love with white sand, aqua blue water, palm trees and green covered everything!?! I love this place and I'm sooo grateful I get to travel there. It's a place I truly have felt peace, comfort and the spirit and I know that it was a masterpiece in our Heavenly Father's creation.

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