Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 26.

Tyson suggested this I do this one... and I agree that it is a good one. Plus I only have four more after this! That's crazy. Thirty days. Thirty gratitude posts... it's been good. And of course that thankfulness will not be ending, but it's weird to think these posts will. I guess then I can finally update you all about our really exciting lives! Actually, things are getting more exciting with the Holiday season here! :) Love this time of year. So, stay tuned after the gratitude posts end... there's more excitement just around the corner!

I am grateful for good health.

I say this as I lay in bed, unable to breathe out of my nose, a wheezy cough and a pile of Kleenexes by my side. So, obviously I am a little sick right now. My favorite way to spend Holiday weekends... ha ha. Okay so not my favorite, but I've been doing alright until today.  I will tell you this though, being sick sure does make you miss your health. And beside from the common cold every now and then, I do have great health that I am more than grateful for. There a lot of people out there, some in our lives, who suffer from constant illness, cancer or other health problems. I am so glad that the worse that happens to me right is a cold, or a stomach ache or the flu. Of course no one likes being sick, but it helps knowing in a couple of days, it will all be over! 

One reason I think I've been blessed with good health is help others who may not have the best health ever. That is another blessing I'm so grateful for! I'm so happy to use my own energy, strength and health to help those in need. It's something I want to do more often, in fact!

I've been so lucky to have good health. I know this post is pretty short, but I feel like it's self-explanatory. I have nothing more to say, but that I definitely take my good health for granted. Kind of makes me glad to be sick from time to time, so I can remember the blessing of health! Thank goodness I have it. I'm young, energized and healthy-- I gotta live life to it's fullest! And sometimes a good reminder helps that to be more possible and more frequent. Life is good-- so live it up. Right? Right! 

I can't wait to going sledding, run in the snow without breathing hard and laugh without coughing. :)

This is us, snowball fighting and kissing and loving life. 
{Almost} one year ago-- engagement photo shoot. :)


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