Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 19.

Oops. I missed yesterday again. But don't think I won't be making up for it tonight! I guess that sort of thing just happens on weekends-- too much partying. Or too tired... :)

First of, I have to say-- two of my good friends (both ex-roomies) are doing this same thing. I've gotten a couple of ideas from them and vice versa! :) So today's comes again from Hannah. It was a great one and something that has been on my mind and something I also knew I wanted to post about. So thanks for the reminder/inspiration Hannah! 

I am thankful for Holidays.

C201 Family, Christmas 2008. :)
Christmas 2008.
 Thanksgiving 2010.
 Thanksgiving 2009!
 Claire, tugging on Santa's beard. Christmas 2009.
 Family photo with Santa. Christmas 2009.
 My parent's Christmas Tree. :) Christmas 2009.
Our first New Years! Ringing in 2010. :)

I LOVE this time of year. It's the only time of year I find snow acceptable and actually kind of like it (what is Christmas without snow?!). It's such a happy time of year. Thanksgiving is the perfect way to kick off the Holiday season.
Eating good food and having good family time. This year, crafts and also this year, Black FRIDAY (I don't usually go, but I think we are gong to attempt going this year!) :) Turkey bowling (and what is Thanksgiving without Football?) Napping and relaxing after a full meal. Playing games and eating pie. Having no school! 
And of course, MORE family time!

 Oh and I just love the anticipation leading up to Christmas. I love the decorations! I love all the activities that come with Christmas. I love Christmas lights everywhere. I especially love seeing the lights at Temple Square. I love making gingerbread houses. I love buying and wrapping presents. I love being home for the Holidays. I love so many things I can't even name them all!
And of course, I love celebrating the real reason we celebrate Christmas! :)

I know this time of year is the "holiday" season, but I also enjoy all holidays. Halloween, New Years, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, etc.! I love holidays, they make me really happy. Oh and I have socks for almost every Holiday. As Tyson says,"Who really has socks like these?" I do

 I think my favorite part of this Holiday Season is good food and good family time. I love spending time with my family and with Tyson's family. Just BEING with each other is fun. I love that the Holidays bring us together, to eat good food and make memories. 

I love traditions. I love family time. I love Holidays. :)

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