Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 23.

I am thankful for my marriage.

Don't worry, they'll probably be a post just on the husband. That's a given. I'm saving it for the grand finale. :) But this post is a little bit different than just all about T. 

I was grateful to be raised in a home in which my parents modeled a great marriage. Perfect? No. But who has the "perfect" marriage-- someone with a "perfect" life, so... no one. Anyway, they showed me just how a marriage should work. Equally. They did things for each other. They parented together. They have similar goals and beliefs. They even have very similar, very admirable traits such as selflessness, giving, loving, caring and funny. Yes, my parents are indeed quite funny.
And they outlined for me what a marriage should be. 

So, when I started dating, especially when I got into college, I thought of that marriage and the relationship my parents had. Needless to say, I had a few experiences with guys that I knew could never give me a marriage like my parents had. I may have met some who could have give me a good marriage, but maybe not a great marriage. 

Luckily, I finally met that guy on February 28, 2009 (yes-- we know that date, because we're like that).
I didn't know right away that he'd be that guy, the one to give me what I desired so much. Although, it didn't really take long after for me to know that this guy was a good one and that I wanted to be with him forever. And oh boy, is he a good husband. Let me tell you a little about our marriage and my super cool husband.

-- He does the majority of all the dishes. Like, we don't have a dishwasher, so that's a lot. I cooks, he cleans. It's a deal!
-- He does the laundry maybe more than I do. Well, mostly we tag-team it. I actually like doing laundry, it's my favorite household chore. I think a large reason he does it before I do is because he runs out of clothes before I do. :) Plus I know he likes to help me around the house.
-- He's really good at cleaning the bathroom.
-- Basically, he's a good one to have around the house to help out!

This is one thing I love about our marriage so far! We are equal partners. Just because I am the wife and future stay at home mom, doesn't mean I have to do all the housework alone. He definitely doesn't make me! Ever! I love that. We tag team it and I know that's just an example of how our life will always be, especially as parents. I am a firm believer in being co-parents in everything. I know I'm not a parent yet, but I want Tyson to be involved in our kids lives just as much as I will be. And I know he will be! That already makes me happy.
There's a lot of great things I could tell you about our marriage. But just know that is a good one. We are 100% on the same page. We have the same beliefs. We have the same goals. We are learning to create a home together as equal partners, something that will last forever. And I couldn't be more grateful for the man I married to make this possible! Go marriage! 

Teamwork works....believe it!

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Hannah said...

This is probably my favorite grateful post so far! :) Cute!