Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 10.

Still going strong! Although tonight's will have to be quick, because it's late-- I'm tired-- and I have a test tomorrow morning. So I better hit the sack pretty soon here. :)

I am thankful for opportunities that take me out of my comfort zone.

Allow me elaborate. There are so many times in my life when I get stuck in a groove. I live day to day knowing what to expect (for the most part) and things don't really phase me. Well, every now and then, I'll be thrown a curve-ball, sometimes that puts me in a position outside of my groove or my comfort zone. Say for instance, living in a foreign country for 6 weeks without anyone I know (except one friend from High School). Or, moving to college all by myself to live with 7 strangers. Or, having a dream of being a photographer, only to find out I am not as knowledgeable in the business world as I'd like to be (good thing I have a passion there, or else I might hopeless!). 
 me and my two of my best amigas jumping on a beach in greece.
 and here we are again eating delicious gelato. MISS that.
 Being a photographer back in my hippie days.
 Besto-ex-roomie, Hannah. Love this girl.
C201 familia. 

Each one of these experience, along with many others, have been incredibly rewarding. Have they been incredibly frightening at times? Of course. Have I cried many tears over them? Definitely. But I wouldn't trade them for anything, because it's through those experiences where I've found me. I discovered who I am and what I truly stand for. My testimony has grew immensely, as well as my relationship with my Savior. I've made friends I would've have made who are people I'll ALWAYS be in contact with. I've been tried and tested out of my mind, but have not given up. I've felt downright depressed and exceedingly joyful! They have been roller coasters, just as life is, but without them, who knows where I'd be. They are the times when my groove gets reset on something new and I couldn't be happier in the end. 

In fact, during one of those emotional rides, I met my husband. Where would I be today with that man? He's oh-so-super-duper wonderful. Really. Does your husband do the dishes? Occasionally the laundry? Clean the bathroom? Oh and tell you nice things all the time as well as hug you, sing to you and dance for you on a daily basis? Well mine does. Love that man, love him so much.

Being pushed out of my comfort zone is so rewarding and I am ever so grateful for those experiences!

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