Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 7.

I am thankful to be a Utah State Aggie.
And to be receiving a college education.

This one is kind of a stretch, seeing as school is not my most favorite thing currently, but I am indeed grateful. I am so glad to be at Utah State and to be furthering my education. I know that sometimes I get bogged down by tests, group projects and papers; but I am very glad to be able to one day say I have a college education. I think the majority of college is more about what you learn about yourself, you work ethic, your goals, your motivation, your beliefs and who you really are and what you want to become. Of course my classes have been beneficial for life and if I wanted a job in the field I am studying, I could probably get one. ALTHOUGH some of the greatest lessons I have learned have been from just being in college and they are things about myself. I have created and broken many habits and I learn new things each and every day. I know by the end of this journey, I will look back and be grateful I took on this adventure. 

The other part, of being grateful to be at Utah State, goes back to Fall of 2008. I was a sophomore, living in a really fun town home, having an awesome time. Yet, I still felt unsure if I was supposed to be at Utah State. So I prayed about it and soon after, I started dating someone. I was all giddy and happy and I thought, okay-- there's my answer. Only to find out a few months later, he was not my answer at all and we were not meant to be together. Being really discouraged, still wondering about where I should be, I went into "Nun" mode. I was lost. Until, I met Tyson. At a dance party, on a cold February night, in the lamp house on 600 East. Now we're married, happy as can be and madly in love-- guess I got my answer. :) Utah State was the place the be and it will always hold a special place in my heart!
Our first picture together. :)
Friendship bracelets= Best Friends For LIFE (and all eternity)!

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