Friday, February 19, 2010

Showered with Love

A couple of weekends ago, I had two AWESOME bridal showers.
We got so many great things, some duplicates, but all gifts were great and greatly appreciated! We in fact just moved them into our apartment today and it made me really excited to start USING them. And to live there. With my bff, Mr. Tyson Perkes. That will be stellar.

Anywho. I'm all about the photographs lately and don't think that will ever stop. Melia was the photographer at both showers {one thrown by awesome family friends and the other by awesome aunt and stellar sisters}. Wow. I just realized how "awesome" everything is. I might be a little too high on life. Can you blame me?

Here's the evidence from the shower. Enjoy!
Whitney Winegar and myself.
Ali came all the way from Cali for the showers!
Some of the food/cute decorations pictures!
Little Lauren looking cute with Great Grandma Egbert
Me, Melvin and Ali
my SBS.
Hannah and I with the salad spinner she gave me!
Bestos. Minus Melis.
Betty Crocker, basically.
My Grandma Egbert and Marla (My Grandma came all the way from Hawaii for the shower weekend! I was really happy!)
Clairey and Me.
Shower 2: Cousin Lauren and I.
The Perkes Sisters! (minus Tianne)
I was so glad my future sister-in-laws and mother-in-law came down to the shower!
Modeling some nice dish towels!
Cool Cousins and Awesome Aunts!
My lovely sisters (and baby Henrie making a slight appearance!)
The Shower
Aunt Patti, Mom and my Great Aunt Marge!

It was a successful weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped!
You are all the best!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'll Take HIm.

Sometimes I go blog crazy and can't stop blogging. Every day. It may be due to the fact that homework is the LAST thing I want to do-- although I do eventually get around to it. So here's another post. Expect another soon. It's just one of those times.

I MIGHT be biased, but I think this is one good looking guy. I'm glad he's mine. :) Oh, and I am marrying him in just 3 weeks from tomorrow. Day count: 22.

Also, we are currently slowly (but not too slow, because we only have 22 days!) are moving into our apartment. We'll be sure to take some photos of our sweet marriage pad once there is more than just a bed and dresser in it!

I feel so grown up. I almost have a HUSBAND and our OWN apartment.
This is wayyy better than those fake lives I used to have in the playroom all those years ago...

I am so glad it's real life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Engagement Photographs

If you haven't already seen from facebook, here are some of our AWESOME engagement pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.
It was so much fun and even though the snowy ones were a bit chilly, we had a blast.
Our photographer Haley Warner is the best! We just got done taking some bridal pictures that turned out beautifully as well. {Don't worry. I'll post them soon!}
I am excited for the wedding day (obviously) and for the pictures that will be taken.

So here they are. Us being models. Or trying to be... it's much different being in front of the camera than behind it! :)

THE END of our photo montage. For now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

Life is busy. We've got 23 days until the big day. That's the best thought ever! But it also means busy busy busy busy times. So instead of writing what we've been up to, here are some photos to display those exciting events.

Swimming at the Sky View Pool
Tyson and the Spence Children
Our cute nephew, Little Hunts!
Our favorite game at the fun park!
Some people call me speed-racer...
Motorcycle Mike

Bowling Buds

Date Night at the Fun Park-- Success!

We also picked up some sweet tats with our tickets... best friends (that's what they say). So true.
Then our BFF's Kristina and Joseph got married.

Girls with the beautiful bride!

Our favorite Maxfield married couple

The END. Stay tuned. I've got a bajillion shower pictures and more to come. Life being engaged is actually pretty fun! I am excited to be married of course, but the planning and showers and getting ready for married life has been a fun adventure!