Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Engagement Photographs

If you haven't already seen from facebook, here are some of our AWESOME engagement pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.
It was so much fun and even though the snowy ones were a bit chilly, we had a blast.
Our photographer Haley Warner is the best! We just got done taking some bridal pictures that turned out beautifully as well. {Don't worry. I'll post them soon!}
I am excited for the wedding day (obviously) and for the pictures that will be taken.

So here they are. Us being models. Or trying to be... it's much different being in front of the camera than behind it! :)

THE END of our photo montage. For now.


Hannah said...

you two are my favorite. It's almost the big day! wohoo!

The Thomases said...

Lovely idea, beautiful pictures.

I tried to connect to your open house map but was told the link had failed.