Thursday, September 30, 2010

Put me on a plane.

Have you seen this kid? He's SO flipping cute I could die. I need to get on a plane to Arkansas right now... it's killing me. 

Love that face times two hundred. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

if you were an ice cream flavor, you would be my favorite one.

Things I like about today (and life in general):

Riding my bike through the cemetery to class this morning while Mindy Gledhill sang sweet melodies in my ears. THANK goodness for scarves, due to a little bitter morning wind. 

I made frosted pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last night-- it was a perfect mid-morning snack.

Wednesdays, middle of the week, but closer to Friday than Tuesday (obviously). That's always a good feeling, because I love love love weekends.

General Conference is coming up. Not only do I enjoy having an excuse to stay in my PJ's all morning long for TWO days, but I am so excited to hear the leaders of our church counsel us. They always seem to know just how to speak to my heart.

Fall makes me happy. Wearing cardigans, tights, and scarves. The changing of the beautiful leaves-- side note-- I took some beautiful bridals (check the blog to see them soon!) this last weekend up Hobble Creek Canyon. It was SO beautiful. There were still some greens and some yellows and reds and oranges. I love fall! I love the brisk but still warm weather. I love filling my house with autumn wallflowers from Bath and Body. I love football season, not as much as Tyson, but still love it. I have recently discovered this love for Halloween I have! I just feel so happy in the fall!

Having a great husband who never fails to:

-- Insert my name (usually "Katers") in most songs he sings, which is a lot. :)
-- Wash a bowl for me every morning for my cereal if there isn't one clean.
-- Makes my day, especially with surprise post-it notes and run-in's on the campus loop bus.
-- Manages to tell me I'm beautiful in some way or another every single day. Bless him for that. 

I love life! I don't know where we will be after December, but I know I'll be with my best friend living a good life-- and I can't help but be grateful for that. :)

A few photos from our first married summer together. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You know when you go to an Agricultural School when:

There's a horse, four little goats and three of the CUTEST piglets EVER hanging out on campus.

But really. Now I really want a piglet, they are so cute! I've wanted one for a while, actually. I just want to feed it with a bottle and adore it's cuteness. Nothing more. (Unlike what my husband suggested we do with a pig... you can only guess).

Currently on my wants list as well include:

* School cancelled for the rest of week... or of my life. Just give me a degree now and let's call it good.

* A plane ticket to Arkansas that leaves tomorrow. I miss my babe, William A.!

* The funds to buy us a new car. Oh and me a new camera. Oh and Tyson a new laptop. Oh and pay all our bills. Oh wait. Keep dreaming.... one at a time. :)

And maybe more things, but I won't be so needy and wanty anymore. :)

Happy AG month!

Monday, September 13, 2010

weekends are our favorite.

This weekend:



Birthday parties for our cute little niece, Abby.

Cleaning and organizing our little home (which looks great! we finally hung more stuff on our white cinder block walls and it's so homey, we are loving it. photos to come soon).

More Football.

More Concessions.



Sunday Dinner.

Family time.

and a little textbook reading to start us off for another week full of school school school non-stop.

Still. We love it (maybe not the school part, but most definitely life)!

Fall is in session! Let my favorite season begin... and last longer than 3 weeks, PLEASE.

Football season last year.
Nevertheless: we love Aggie football!
(especially the Mr.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


March 12th, 2010.

Best day of our lives. 

We tied the knot, for, well.... eternity. :)

There is NOTHING more comforting than that thought. 
Knowing that no matter what happens in the next few years of our lives, we will not be alone. 
So much uncertainty lies on our shoulders and I can't help but be a little bit excited. Nervous? Yes. A little scared out of our minds? Yes. But it's exciting that we are just beginning our journey! We have our whole marriage and lives ahead of us, and now is the time to make the right choices and habits to get us to that eternity. That's a scary thought, but so glad knowing I'm not having to do it all alone!

Six things we love about being married:

1. Coming home to each other every day and spending time together (even if we're reading textbooks or watching sports). 
2. Not having to say goodbye every night.
3. Playing "house", but knowing it's real life.
4. I cook, he cleans. It's a deal. :)
5. Creating a little "home" together.
6. Helping each other achieve our dreams (individual and together).

Marriage is our favorite. That's all there is to it! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hawaii trip=Amazing.
So fun.
Shave Ice.
The 'Stang, convertible style.
Boogie boarding.
Swap Meeting.
Loving LIFE.

Need I say more?
Only in photographs. :)

We literally had NO more room. Diapers and pizzas rode on our laps. That's a lot of Costco. :)

Boogie Boarding gang.
Take 2. 
We loooove Matsumotos. 


Tough guys.
Birthday Girl! Celebrated her 5th birthday two years ago in Hawaii and her 7th this time! Lucky girl.
Our family photo!
The whole Familia!
View of Waimea.
Our friend that Tyson found.
The many faces of William A.
Lauren, aka Lo Lo.
View of Waikiki beach from Diamondhead.
On the top of Diamondhead.
This kid cracks me up.
T driving the 'Stang.
Sunset at Sunset Beach.
Lovers at Sunset.
He's got some skillz.
Hubs and Wifers.
Hawaii Hair.

We call this little lady, Beach Baby. She LOVED the beach!
Who wouldn't love this place?
(T out in the ocean).
Ryan bravely took part in the Samoan show at the PCC and drank coconut juice.
Things got a little crazy at the PCC and all the kids got tats..... well as some of us adults. :)
Our newest family member, the Tiki man.

we look really cool underwater.
We love Waimea.
Jumping, of course.
Heaven on earth.
We love us some shave ice, please.
Two cute girls and my favorite gate.
I love this baby.
Plus he has sweet hair, see?
Joshy and Will.
Obsessed? A little.