Wednesday, September 29, 2010

if you were an ice cream flavor, you would be my favorite one.

Things I like about today (and life in general):

Riding my bike through the cemetery to class this morning while Mindy Gledhill sang sweet melodies in my ears. THANK goodness for scarves, due to a little bitter morning wind. 

I made frosted pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last night-- it was a perfect mid-morning snack.

Wednesdays, middle of the week, but closer to Friday than Tuesday (obviously). That's always a good feeling, because I love love love weekends.

General Conference is coming up. Not only do I enjoy having an excuse to stay in my PJ's all morning long for TWO days, but I am so excited to hear the leaders of our church counsel us. They always seem to know just how to speak to my heart.

Fall makes me happy. Wearing cardigans, tights, and scarves. The changing of the beautiful leaves-- side note-- I took some beautiful bridals (check the blog to see them soon!) this last weekend up Hobble Creek Canyon. It was SO beautiful. There were still some greens and some yellows and reds and oranges. I love fall! I love the brisk but still warm weather. I love filling my house with autumn wallflowers from Bath and Body. I love football season, not as much as Tyson, but still love it. I have recently discovered this love for Halloween I have! I just feel so happy in the fall!

Having a great husband who never fails to:

-- Insert my name (usually "Katers") in most songs he sings, which is a lot. :)
-- Wash a bowl for me every morning for my cereal if there isn't one clean.
-- Makes my day, especially with surprise post-it notes and run-in's on the campus loop bus.
-- Manages to tell me I'm beautiful in some way or another every single day. Bless him for that. 

I love life! I don't know where we will be after December, but I know I'll be with my best friend living a good life-- and I can't help but be grateful for that. :)

A few photos from our first married summer together. :)

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Courtney Morrison Kearns said...

Cuuuute cute cute. I vant to see you soon.