Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hawaii trip=Amazing.
So fun.
Shave Ice.
The 'Stang, convertible style.
Boogie boarding.
Swap Meeting.
Loving LIFE.

Need I say more?
Only in photographs. :)

We literally had NO more room. Diapers and pizzas rode on our laps. That's a lot of Costco. :)

Boogie Boarding gang.
Take 2. 
We loooove Matsumotos. 


Tough guys.
Birthday Girl! Celebrated her 5th birthday two years ago in Hawaii and her 7th this time! Lucky girl.
Our family photo!
The whole Familia!
View of Waimea.
Our friend that Tyson found.
The many faces of William A.
Lauren, aka Lo Lo.
View of Waikiki beach from Diamondhead.
On the top of Diamondhead.
This kid cracks me up.
T driving the 'Stang.
Sunset at Sunset Beach.
Lovers at Sunset.
He's got some skillz.
Hubs and Wifers.
Hawaii Hair.

We call this little lady, Beach Baby. She LOVED the beach!
Who wouldn't love this place?
(T out in the ocean).
Ryan bravely took part in the Samoan show at the PCC and drank coconut juice.
Things got a little crazy at the PCC and all the kids got tats..... well as some of us adults. :)
Our newest family member, the Tiki man.

we look really cool underwater.
We love Waimea.
Jumping, of course.
Heaven on earth.
We love us some shave ice, please.
Two cute girls and my favorite gate.
I love this baby.
Plus he has sweet hair, see?
Joshy and Will.
Obsessed? A little.



Courtney Morrison Kearns said...

love love love it. I am super jealous. looks like you had so much fun!

C&L said...

so good! i love those pictures! you and tys look so good! and ali's baby is so darling! and i LOOVE the pictures of the little girls by the gate. you are such a great photographer.
beautiful beautiful! i loved this post! yay for hawaii and shave ice!

The Maxfield's said...

yes i've been wanting to see these pictures. so good. i propose that we get invited next year mmk? we're family.

Sandy said...

I am so jealous! Looks like you had a blast! I'll get back there one day...I hope!

Your photography is looking super great too! You are brilliant! :)