Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You know when you go to an Agricultural School when:

There's a horse, four little goats and three of the CUTEST piglets EVER hanging out on campus.

But really. Now I really want a piglet, they are so cute! I've wanted one for a while, actually. I just want to feed it with a bottle and adore it's cuteness. Nothing more. (Unlike what my husband suggested we do with a pig... you can only guess).

Currently on my wants list as well include:

* School cancelled for the rest of week... or of my life. Just give me a degree now and let's call it good.

* A plane ticket to Arkansas that leaves tomorrow. I miss my babe, William A.!

* The funds to buy us a new car. Oh and me a new camera. Oh and Tyson a new laptop. Oh and pay all our bills. Oh wait. Keep dreaming.... one at a time. :)

And maybe more things, but I won't be so needy and wanty anymore. :)

Happy AG month!


ALi said...

plane ticket yes!!

C&L said...

umm HI beauty.
I LOVE this post. I love your wanting of piglets, because I have the same desire. There is this place here out in enoch that people have these three DARLING miniature donkeys that we call the burritos, and they got baby pigs at the beginning of summer and no joke me and cade drive by them like 2 or 3 times a week and talk to them through the fence and love them. they're the most adorable creatures ever. their little butts are even cute with their little tails. adorable.
let's both get pigs and NOT eat them.