Thursday, February 28, 2013


Tys & I are rookie parents.
And Bennett is a rookie at, well, life.

Little Rookie's first experience with sand.
The sand was a hit! (And none was eaten-- score)!

 Mama Rookie forgot to bring sunscreen on our little hike, therefore Dad's hat was the substitute.

 Little Rookie's first experience with grass!

I guess next time we will feature Daddy Rookie.
And I will remember sunscreen.

Watching Bennett explore outside makes me so anxious & so ready for warmer weather!
He will LOVE it!

Monday, February 25, 2013

my boy.

Lately Bennett has become a bit of a mama's boy (and a daddy's boy too).
He's starting to get "stranger danger" & is recognizing when we leave him.
He also has a bit of a fit when I leave the room (mostly & usually when he is hungry or tired).
Now he scoots after me or follows me around like a little puppy.  

Basically, we are attached at the hip. Literally!
It can be stressful & exhausting some days.
But deep down I remind myself, he is only like this for so long.
He's only my baby once.
And sometimes it's kind of nice to be needed!
It would be more awesome if I could do more things holding a 18+ lb, active baby.
I love being his mama & no role has been more fulfilling to me than being a mother & wife (they go hand in hand and are basically one).

No matter how hard our day was, I go to bed each night with a heart nearly bursting with love, a pledge to be more patient & feeling blessed beyond measure.
I mean, look at that little face?
Please excuse my extremely crazy hair. It was WINDY!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just. Do. It!

I have this problem.
I am the QUEEN of procrastination.
I procrastinate like you've never seen anyone procrastinate before.
Just ask my husband.
In school, it was not the best quality to have, but I managed.
Oh that assignment is due at midnight? SUBMIT at 11:57 p.m. (true story)!
I like to cut it close. Wait until the last minute. Or last possible second!
But the problem is, sometimes things don't happen.
I set some really awesome goals.
I plan like it's my job.
And some things just don't happen!

So I set a new motto for myself.
Just do it!
(Thank you, Nike).

Oh you want to lose the rest of that baby weight plus a few lbs?
So I started counting my calories & I feel great already. I am excited to be more active to get results!

Oh you want to REALLY start that photography business?
This is a little more complicated, but I am working towards it. Doing something EVERY day to help me achieve that dream. 

Oh you want to be better at doing those little things that make the BIG difference?
So I plan my days with a time set specifically for what I like to call "quiet time" (always during nap-time).
I read: scriptures, conference talks, photography books, good novels.
I write: thoughts & goals in my journal, and one things that makes me happy in my little green notebook.
I reflect: on what I am doing good & what I can do better. 

You get the gist, right?
These are all serious goals I have and I hate to say, but I have had them for a long time.
So just recently I set my motto & here I go.
I figured blogging about it made me more accountable to keep it up!:)

I can't wait to apply this to more goals I set & more dreams I have.
Because this procrastination queen is ready to retire the crown.
I just have to jump in and go for it, or my goals may never make it off paper.

And who wants a post without a picture?
These guys are my biggest fans & my best motivation. Love them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


May 2009, when we were babies.

It's been 4 years this month since we first met.
I "blew you off" & two weeks later you insulted my homemade rootbeer making skills.
I immediately loved the way you looked in a baseball cap & your passion for sports.
 And it didn't too many weeks until I was writing "Katie Perkes" in my journal.
That first summer was hard--long distance to even longer distance. But we knew this thing was the forever kind.
My most favorite scavenger hunt led me to you down one knee. I couldn't say yes fast enough!
March 12th, 2010 was a really good day. The best day. With the best feelings & emotions. Mrs. Tyson Perkes, at last!
Cinder block walls, a dryer on the back porch & orangey-brown carpet-- our first, little home.
Big changes moved us South. It was hard to leave family & our special little town. But we were ready.
Another move & best of all-- a mini you came into this world (another best day)
I have never been happier to be yours.
Can't wait to see what the future holds for us, T. Perkes.
I love you.

YES, I will be your Valentine too, Baby B. Especially with that bow-tie & grin you are wearing.