Monday, February 25, 2013

my boy.

Lately Bennett has become a bit of a mama's boy (and a daddy's boy too).
He's starting to get "stranger danger" & is recognizing when we leave him.
He also has a bit of a fit when I leave the room (mostly & usually when he is hungry or tired).
Now he scoots after me or follows me around like a little puppy.  

Basically, we are attached at the hip. Literally!
It can be stressful & exhausting some days.
But deep down I remind myself, he is only like this for so long.
He's only my baby once.
And sometimes it's kind of nice to be needed!
It would be more awesome if I could do more things holding a 18+ lb, active baby.
I love being his mama & no role has been more fulfilling to me than being a mother & wife (they go hand in hand and are basically one).

No matter how hard our day was, I go to bed each night with a heart nearly bursting with love, a pledge to be more patient & feeling blessed beyond measure.
I mean, look at that little face?
Please excuse my extremely crazy hair. It was WINDY!

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