Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just. Do. It!

I have this problem.
I am the QUEEN of procrastination.
I procrastinate like you've never seen anyone procrastinate before.
Just ask my husband.
In school, it was not the best quality to have, but I managed.
Oh that assignment is due at midnight? SUBMIT at 11:57 p.m. (true story)!
I like to cut it close. Wait until the last minute. Or last possible second!
But the problem is, sometimes things don't happen.
I set some really awesome goals.
I plan like it's my job.
And some things just don't happen!

So I set a new motto for myself.
Just do it!
(Thank you, Nike).

Oh you want to lose the rest of that baby weight plus a few lbs?
So I started counting my calories & I feel great already. I am excited to be more active to get results!

Oh you want to REALLY start that photography business?
This is a little more complicated, but I am working towards it. Doing something EVERY day to help me achieve that dream. 

Oh you want to be better at doing those little things that make the BIG difference?
So I plan my days with a time set specifically for what I like to call "quiet time" (always during nap-time).
I read: scriptures, conference talks, photography books, good novels.
I write: thoughts & goals in my journal, and one things that makes me happy in my little green notebook.
I reflect: on what I am doing good & what I can do better. 

You get the gist, right?
These are all serious goals I have and I hate to say, but I have had them for a long time.
So just recently I set my motto & here I go.
I figured blogging about it made me more accountable to keep it up!:)

I can't wait to apply this to more goals I set & more dreams I have.
Because this procrastination queen is ready to retire the crown.
I just have to jump in and go for it, or my goals may never make it off paper.

And who wants a post without a picture?
These guys are my biggest fans & my best motivation. Love them.


Kel said...

You're an inspiration. Seriously.

sarah said...

I love this! About a year ago I instigated the life motto, "If not now, when?" It has totally changed the way I live life! I realized that everything I put off never got done, so I made a change to get on the ball and tackle my to-do lists. It's made me a much more productive person and I love that!

Awesome goal! You ARE an inspiration. And you have an adorable baby who is lucky to have you for his mom. :)

Jord said...

Great goal and motto. I love your quite time every afternoon. I need to do that too.