Wednesday, February 13, 2013


May 2009, when we were babies.

It's been 4 years this month since we first met.
I "blew you off" & two weeks later you insulted my homemade rootbeer making skills.
I immediately loved the way you looked in a baseball cap & your passion for sports.
 And it didn't too many weeks until I was writing "Katie Perkes" in my journal.
That first summer was hard--long distance to even longer distance. But we knew this thing was the forever kind.
My most favorite scavenger hunt led me to you down one knee. I couldn't say yes fast enough!
March 12th, 2010 was a really good day. The best day. With the best feelings & emotions. Mrs. Tyson Perkes, at last!
Cinder block walls, a dryer on the back porch & orangey-brown carpet-- our first, little home.
Big changes moved us South. It was hard to leave family & our special little town. But we were ready.
Another move & best of all-- a mini you came into this world (another best day)
I have never been happier to be yours.
Can't wait to see what the future holds for us, T. Perkes.
I love you.

YES, I will be your Valentine too, Baby B. Especially with that bow-tie & grin you are wearing.


Kel said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet post and THE CUTEST pic of Bennet! Happy Valentines Day!

Talia and Riley said...