Thursday, January 17, 2013


I can barely believe my baby is six months old.
He is so much fun & has a lot of personality.

A few facts about Baby B:
(Mostly for me to remember)
He is such a good, happy baby.
He usually only fusses if he is: hungry, tired, or sick.
He rolls all over the place. 
Sits up all by himself, with an occasional spill here & there.
Gets in crawling stance... he's almost scooting!
Just started eating solids.
Is exclusively nursed-- no bottles or pacifiers for this kid (we tried...).
Loves Sophie the giraffe, books, balls, & music.
Inherited Tyson's love for the water. He goes nuts at bath time!
Chews on his thumb when he is tired.
Babbles a lot, usually says "Da da da da".
Always wants the "none" toy items: phones, remote controls, papers, & drinks are a few of his favs.
Loves his tongue-- it's out of his mouth 75 % of the time.
And his hair is getting long on the top-- so sometimes we do a little fo-hawk for fun (like in the photos below).

We love everything about our Bennett boy. Happy half birthday to our crazy, silly, happy, curious, busy, wiggly, mobile babe! 

Before we know it, you will be 1...

I love these pictures I snapped of Bennett just before sunset today. Balancing a camera & a wiggle worm wasn't an easy task, but definitely worth it. 
These photos are SO Bennett right now. Curious. Wiggly. Silly (always sucking on his bottom lip, puffing those cheeks out). And just happy-go-lucky. 
Plus those big blue eyes melt this mama's heart.


Ali said...

such a cutie, can't wait to see him next week!

LC said...

he couldn't be cuter!! we love bennett!!