Friday, November 5, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 5.

Going on five days in a row-- impressive, if I don't say so myself! It's fun each night to think back on my day and what stands out to me and how grateful I really am for those things in my life! Today, I thought of a few good things. Ones I am going to save and ONE that I will post about for day 5 of gratitude. 

I am Thankful for Quick Communication.
my cute honey on his ipod-- it's the best i got "technology" wise. photo stolen from Miss Audrey Baer.

Although this can be seen so negatively, as it is something that is abused and obsessed over, but I would like to focus on the positive side of text messaging, emailing and "facebooking". 
Right now I am in Springville being with my family as my sister visits from Arkansas, while Tyson is in Logan. This isn't the first time we've been apart and it definitely is never easy or fun to be away from your spouse, but quick communication definitely makes it a little bit better. The fact that I can just send him a quick message telling him something exciting during my day is great! It's great that we are able to talk to one another so easily, especially when we are apart. 
I know that this goes back to last summer when we spent the first half of the summer, two hours apart, seeing each other every weekend and spending the weeks in different cities. To going six weeks without seeing each other, with very, very limited text messaging, and with emailing every couple of days. Of course there was still that "quick communication", but it was a bit less quick and THAT was not an easy time. No, we weren't married and yes, we still were able to talk. Oh and how we grew and matured during that time. Especially our love for each other! But I am glad we don't always have to go that route. I am glad I usually get to see him every day, but I am even more glad for quick communication so we know what's going on with each other with just the click of a button! I am sure there will be other times in our marriage I will keep on appreciating this, so I think it's a valid thing to be grateful for!

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