Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 14.

Let's keep this short and sweet. Oh and if you are wondering if I'm up to anything else besides being grateful, you can check out my photo blog for more recent photo and life updates. :)

I am thankful for Sundays.

Me, on a rainy Sunday, many moons ago. I thought it was a fitting.

This one is simple. There is no other day quite like Sunday, obviously. 
I love a little spiritual uplifting.
I love relaxing during the afternoon.
I love making treats after church.
I love heading out to my in-laws for a delicious Sunday dinner.
I love just hanging out with everyone, not doing much, but chatting and laughing and teasing one another.
I love Tyson hugging me every five minutes while sitting on his parent's couch. He loves me. And I love him back!
I love to drive through car-lots on our way home, just hopin' and wishin' we can buy a car someday soon.
I love the simple joys that the Sabbath day brings me. Sunday is always there to put you right back on track and helps you remember what you need to be doing every single day! 
For example:
Today, I loved the talk in Stake Conference given by our old Bishop, now in the Stake Presidency.
It was all based on this statement: "Slow down... or you might miss it." How great is it. How applicable to life is that! I love it.
I feel like Sundays are those days when I slow down, get in tune with my inner-stillness and realize that I want that every single day. 

I love all these things and more about Sundays! They mean church, the spirit, family time, good food, good chats, laughter, and remember those simple joys in life.

My new goals lately are: to simplify my life, and now, to slow down. I don't want to miss anything.

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