Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 12.

Oh gosh, I know. I missed a day! I can't believe it either-- but don't worry, I'll make up for it tonight. Two posts in one night, but "separate" days. 

So pretend you are reading this one on Friday and the next one on Saturday. :)

I am thankful for warmth.

Whether it be from the sun or from my space heater, I LOVE it! I love being in cozy sweats and fluffy blankets wrapped around me. I love sipping hot chocolate as it snows outside (especially after you PLAY in the snow). I love snuggling up by the fire. I love basking in the sun on a hot summer day (and getting a tan). I love needing a snow cone, because you are very warm. I love hot tubbing. I love being warm!

I think most of my love for warmth isn't through the ways we seek it in the wintertime, but from the summer sun. Warm weather usually means fun things are happening, like swimming, eating popsicles, sleeping on the trampoline, driving with the windows down, staying outside until 10:00 (when it just barely is dark)... I just love it. But even more so, it could mean: a vacation in Hawaii, being on a cruise ship, kayaking in Cabo, enjoying the Cali ocean air or skipping your way through Disneyland.
I LOVE vacations, especially tropical and warm ones. I think some of my favorite memories growing up were ones spent as a family on a vacation. It makes me excited for my OWN family to have those great memories together in fun places, being happy, together and warm. :) [Disclaimer: of course there are fun vacations and memories made without warmth, but I'm just trying to do add to my gratitude topic.]
 Claire and Emma looking out on Hukilau Beach, HI-- August 2010.
 Waimea Bay, HI-- August 2010.
 Tyson on our Honeymoon Cruise-- March 2010.
 Cruising it up-- March 2010.
 Cabo San Lucas, our kayak to the arch-- March 2010.
 Jumping in front of the Castle at Disneyland-- January 2009.
 Disneyland is only complete with a churro in hand-- January 2009.
 Being with my besto, Melis on Balboa Island-- Spring Break, March 2009.
Same beach on Balboa-- same Spring Break 2009.

I love being warm, I love making memories in warm places and honestly-- who doesn't love tropical vacations? That's what I thought. Although living in Utah doesn't always mean warm weather, therefore, we seek warmth in any way we can. Sweats, socks, space heaters, hot cocoa, fuzzy blankets, cuddling, fires, etc.-- you get the picture. :)

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