Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 11.

I am thankful for bright colors.
 This is me and a bright orange wall in Greece. :)

Okay, this may be a silly one, but I will tell you why it is valid. I love colors, especially bright and beautiful ones. They can change my mood completely. They represent who I am. They are just plain happy.

When I was deciding on wedding colors, of course the time of year played a role. We thought about getting married a couple different times of the year, but I am so glad we chose March. 
Partly, because I think our wedding colors went perfect with the Spring season and they were so totally who we are. 
Bright. Colorful. Happy happy people.

(Although it was a bit difficult finding colorful shoes, dresses, etc. during the winter months).

I was so pleased with the way everything turned out-- so bright, so colorful, so fresh and so lively!

 Love love loved our flowers!
 You better believe these were my wedding shoes.
 Part of the set-up.
 Centerpiece one. Love.
 Centerpiece two. LOVE love.
 Our ah-mazing cake.
 Yes we had a candy table and yes it was bright and beautiful.

This is why I love bright colors-- they are contagious and full of happiness. I love to be happy! I love warm weather seasons when I get to wear my bright colors. If you asked anyone, they would probably agree that bright colors easily describe me. It's always been that way-- all the way back to my lime green v-tech cordless phone outside my bedroom. Yep. I love bright colors.

We are happy.

Oh and of course I try to use my wedding pictures as much as possible. I love them that much.

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C&L said...

I love this post. you are bright colors.
and i looved your wedding. i loved looking at these photos and remembering my love for your wedding!
also i love you.
lots of love going on in this comment.