Saturday, January 1, 2011

My pal, T.

I'll be honest, I don't know if I've posted these or not. But part of my new year resolutions (which are still in the making) is to organize my computer, back everything up online and on a hard drive-- and often. I want this fresh year to come with a freshly organize computer! During a little bit of organizing today, I found these photos. Back in the Spring I took another fabulous class from Brooke Snow-- a photojournalism class. It was amazing! I loved how it helped me look at my own life with a photojournalist approach and also be able to apply that into photographing other families with that same approach. It was fantastic and I recommend it to ANYONE.  One of our assignments was to choose five things that represent a person in our life and photograph these items. Naturally, I chose my husband. And instead of telling you, I'll show you a few things that describe Tyson.

 Red Sox Fanatic!
 Obsessed with Sports and ESPN.
 Avid Flosser!
 A lover of the outdoors.
 Spanish Speaker and Latter-Day Saint.

These things PERFECTLY describe Tyson. The floss thing might be something I threw in for fun, but the rest of very true. If you know Tyson, you know he loves these things. Sports, Red Sox, EPSN, Camping, being outdoors and active, being healthy (with nice teeth:)), and more importantly-- giving service, his family, his wife :), and the gospel. I won't get too mushy gushy-- but, he's a pretty cool guy!

This was a fun little project to try too and I think anyone could do it. So go ahead-- try it out. :)

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