Friday, January 21, 2011


is the big day.

Moving day!

Our house is almost all the way packed up, yet still a total disaster (namely the kitchen: the worst room to pack, in my opinion)!

Today is going to be full of packing, taking DI trips, cleaning, organizing, and wrapping up our memories in our first apartment together. 

Overall, we've really loved it here. I remember the first time walking into our apartment and feeling a bit let down. But that quickly changed once we brought our stuff into it and once it become a home. We're so used to it, a new place will be strange for a little while! Although we're both really excited for our new apartment. I'm excited for a dishwasher and a walk-in closet in our bedroom! And a new adventure with my best friend.

Our nerves are melting away and excitement is taking its place! 

Soon, this place will be our new home:
 The South Salt Lake Valley

Really close to this beautiful place:
Jordan River Temple
I can't wait to see what the next chapter of our lives has in store for us! 

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curtis and jacque dana said...

KATIE! Oh my gosh, I feel so bad we never made it over to help on saturday): Hope everything went well, we sure missed seeing you guys at church! Good luck settling into your new home!