Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We're Up and Running.

Well, we're moved! I wouldn't say we're 100% "moved in" yet, but getting there. Actually, the only things left to do are organizing and unpacking the second bedroom (which has a lot of miscellaneous items) and making this place a little more homey! Oh and buying a few things, like a dining room table and other things we might "need" from IKEA. :)

So far, so good. We love the size of the apartment, although we probably didn't need two bathrooms. I think that will come in handy when we have guests! :) We went to our ward on Sunday and they were very welcoming and very nice. I think that's one of the great things about the Gospel-- it's everywhere you go and there's always warm, welcoming people everywhere you go.

I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I soon will. An apartment tour is in the works, for all those who care. 
It was kind of a crazy last few days, but I finally feel like we are getting settled and beginning our routine. In fact, I'm planning on making dinner tonight-- something that hasn't happened in a long time!

And the best part of getting settled is we finally have the internet and cable! Two things we realized we're not very good at living without. Although we don't have a router to make our internet wireless yet, but we're still really glad to be connected. 

Stay tuned for more new posts about our new life in our new home! It's been an adventure already and we know there's lots more to come!

PS: one really exciting thing about our new home. Less than five minutes away from us:

Yummy restaurants, like Chipolte and Pei Wei
And, my favorite-- Nordstrom Rack!

I will have no problem using any or all of those resources. :)

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Hannah said...

Ahhh! Katie! We're NEIGHBORS NOW! I can't believe you're only five minutes from all those places because I'm only about five minutes away too (in the other direction. That means we are only 10 minutes away. We must play soon! Congrats on your new "home" and a new chapter!!! Hope everything is going great :)