Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010, in review.

2010 was the best.

For obvious reason, like our wedding and stuff. :) Okay, that probably is what made it the greatest year! Not just the wedding day, but being married, growing closer together and starting our life together. It has been really fun, but also a learning experience! Learning who prefers which side of the bed. Learning that it's necessary to put me to bed before I fall asleep in my contacts on the couch. Learning to love watching ESPNEWS 24/7 (still working on the love part). :) Learning patience and selflessness. Learning to create balance in life. And learning that you're teammates for life, no matter what!
It was a great year, but I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us. :)

A year in review: through photographs.

January: being engaged, planning a wedding like crazy and taking engagement pictures in sub-zero temperatures. :) Thank goodness our photographer was so awesome. 

February: awesome bridal showers and taking bridal pictures in the beautiful snow. 

March: Ah, the best month! The wedding day, the honeymoon, the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Perkes. :)

April: first married month and our first married Easter!

May: First Health days, my birthday and loving married life.

 June: Perkes Family reunion, the birth of our nephew Will and enjoying summertime!

July: Celebrated Tyson's favorite holiday, the fourth of July, and went boating, and I made my first journey up to Tony Grove. 

August: HAWAII with my family and starting school again.

September: celebrated six months of marriage! 

October: decked out our apartment for Halloween, Tyson attended his first Halloween Party at Grandma Egbert's and took some family photos.

November: visit from Ali and Will, first married Thanksgiving (which I have no pictures of :( ) and went to the lights at Temple Square.

December: Tyson finished school, we got our first real Christmas tree and celebrated our first married Christmas!

Well, as you can see, it's been a year full of "our first married's"! Which to me is quick exciting! We obviously love being married. You all obviously know that. :) But hey-- we're newlyweds. And this first year of marriage for us was an overall great year. We know 2011 will be full of excitement, change and greatness as well.

PS- I know there are a lot of pictures of Tyson. I guess I need to make the resolution to be in more pictures... :)


sarah said...

What a perfect year!

I just have to say -- I LOVE everything about that picture of you and Tyson coming out of the temple. I love that it looks like you're flinging the door open in sheer excitement, Tyson is looking at you so adoringly, the temple worker is beaming with delight for you. It's all so cute.

Brooke Snow said...

What a fantastic year and what a lovely couple! You look so happy! Here's to an awesome 2011!!!!

Jord said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for letting me blog stalk your last year. You totally had a great one and I love your reports and pictures. I'm definitely going to schedule a shoot for my girls when we're up next.