Friday, December 10, 2010

just blog.

I've been really wanting to blog for a few days now. I guess my November Blog streak has made me love blogging a little more than I had before! The problem lately is this: I haven't found anything blog worthy. Until now when I just decided, I can still blog even if our life doesn't seem THAT exciting right now.

I think soon I will do a 2010 in review blog post, because it's been a good year and I have photos I haven't posted that I want to. I feel like that's a good time to post them, so I think I will.
Plus 2010 is the year of our marriage, so that is also post worthy! It has been a good year and I will be blogging about it. 

I know I will also soon be blogging about exciting news in our home. That is, once we have exciting news!

I know that we will do many fun things with family over the break that will be blog-worthy. I'm 100% positive I'll have pictures to post! Once we make those memories.

So, I know there is a lot of blogging that will be happening, but for now-- I will just blog about a few simple joys. Because those are some of the best things ever, right?

-- This semester is pretty much OVA. Yes. Done and done. I can't wait! Obviously because then it's Christmas and a break, but also because I'm ready for a fresh semester and a new start. I like clean slates. Just have to endure finals and a few miscellaneous projects... I think I can, I think I can..

-- I have a really great husband. I don't meant to boast or brag and state so much that he is the best husband ever, but really-- he is. I love him very much. He does really nice things. He washes me a bowl every morning for my cereal. He fixes the covers on the bed when they get all messed up. He waters our Christmas tree. He does the laundry quite often. He makes really funny jokes. And he always makes sure our fights never last too long. He's a good, good husband and I love every single day with him. 

-- We went to the Jazz game on Wednesday. Yes, the game versus the Heat. It was SO good and we had such a good time. Tyson was literally in heaven. It was like a little boy on Christmas morning-- he was so giddy. I loved seeing him so excited. I also loved seeing Deron Williams and yes, LeBron James in the flesh! It was such a good time and we always enjoy being the my parents. 

That's about it for now. We're just looking forward to being done with finals, to celebrate Christmas and to spend time with family! And we're really happy. Which is a very good thing to be. 

What is a blog post without a picture, right? I know. I always have to post one. Oh and this picture has made it's appearance on the blog before. One year ago. HERE. I just reread that post and I love it. We've come so far in a year and one thing has NOT changed-- still madly in love with that boy and yes, still find his crazy outfits attractive. :)

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