Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 28.

I am thankful for creativity.

I would say one of my greatest strengths in life is being creative. I am not the most creative person ever-- and it is something that I have to work at every day-- but it's definitely something I am grateful for.

I love being able to look at the world with a little creativity in my mind. I've never been good at drawing-- ever. I've never been a painter or a sculptor. But I do still consider myself an artist. As a young girl, I was a dancer. I didn't really specialize in any particular form of dance, but I did a little of everything; jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, lyrical... the whole she-bang. I consider dance an art. It was the thing I was best at through all the many endeavors as a young girl. It's what took me into High School as a cheerleader, something I don't often admit, because of the negative connotation "cheerleaders" get. But I'm so glad that I was a cheerleader. It made me stay busy as a teenage. It brought wonderful people in my life. It played an important role in who I am today, through all the things I faced as a youth. And honestly, I was truly dedicated to this art form.

Now, my creativity is obviously expressed through my photography. Sometimes (or all the time) I look at things around me and thing "Oh! That would be fun to photograph!" Or, "That would be a perfect place for taking some engagement pictures". I can't help but find the beautiful things around me as something that I want to photograph. I love being able to create photos. Not just a posed family portrait, but fun memories and real emotions. I LOVE taking pictures of kids. I always have. The emotions that they express through playing and doing things they love are priceless! I can't wait to create photos of my own children. Cannot wait.

I think creativity goes beyond art though, I think it is a way of life. I feel especially as a woman, creating is something I will be doing every single day for the rest of my life. It reminds me of this video, which I had to include, because it's exactly how I want to sum up my gratitude of creativity:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. I love being able to create and that never-ending cycle it is. I want to create so many things! Beautiful photographs, darling blond children, a spiritual connection with my Heavenly Father, everlasting relationships with loved ones, a home for my little family, little crafts to put in my house, love and trust to give to my children, and so much more. Creating goes beyond art and it is something we all do! No matter the circumstances.

To me, what could be more beautiful? I know there are many times when I feel like my creativity is running dry. I feel overwhelmed by others who have great talents. I doubt myself. But I know that there are things I can create that will be meaningful to me. Things that will last forever. This is what brings me back up and nourishes my desire to be a creator. I am so grateful for creativity.

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