Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I've tried writing this post a few times and I can never come up with a good introduction. Therefore, I think I will just jump in and share the big news that I'm sure you all have been awaiting... and trust me, I've been excited to share! 

The first isn't HUGE news, but it's exciting and I'm quite giddy about it.

1. We're going to Disneyland! In less than two weeks. With my family. With my nieces and nephews. And I cannot wait. Tyson has never been, which only makes me even more excited! It's one of my favorite places-- and truly magically. All that's on my mind when we're there is this: What ride is next? Where should we get fast passes? And where will I get my next churro?
 I would say my face in this pretty much describes how I feel about Disneyland.

What could be better? It's coming at the perfect time too, because.... (onto our next item of business)

2. As many of you may know, we're moving! Tyson got a job with an insurance company in the big SLC, so we're heading south. 
My initial thought when I think about moving is: excitement. I am the type of person who craves changes. Whether it's rearranging my bedroom furniture or chopping my hair off, I get excited. Initially, that is! But this move is going to be VERY bitter sweet. I get a little emotional just typing this or thinking about it! 

I am sad to leave Logan. It's become my home these past four years. I've learned sooo very much in that little town. I've grown. I've changed. I've become a better person. And, duh, I met my husband there. It will ALWAYS be home to me. 
And with a home comes a family. A literal family (Tyson's and some of my extended), a ward family and good friends who are pretty much like family. This will be the hands down hardest part of moving. The best part is, we're not too far away. We'll be frequent visitors to Cache Valley, I can nearly guarantee that. The other good news is we will be closer to my family, which will be fun to be pretty much in the middle! 
So I am excited. That's the sweet part. I am also sad, and that is the bitter part. We'll see how the next month goes for us. 
I'll keep you updated! 

The estimated time of moving will be late January, so Disneyland will be a fun little partay before we buckle down, de-junk our lives and move our little family to a new place. I love new adventures and I'm anxious to see what is in store for us! 

The absolute best part is that no matter what, we'll always be with our little familia. Tyson and I. That makes everything better. :)
A couple photos illustrating some of our favorite places in the beautiful Cache Valley.

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