Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am Thankful. Day 30.

Well, here it is. The last thankful post, only two days into December. Not to shabby. I am kind of excited to be done, so I can post about Christmas! And our amazing REAL Christmas tree. And seeing lights. And all the other fun things we are going to do for Christmas. I love Christmas. Should I say Christmas one more time? Okay, Christmas!

(I know this post is supposed to be about T. But I feel like I did that one post about our marriage and this topic has really been on my mind, so forgive me Honey. But I have a change of plans for my last post).

I am thankful for a plan.

Not just any plan, but a certain plan-- of happiness. Of course I don't know my exact life plan, although sometimes I wish I did. Some days (most days), I wish I could look into a Crystal ball and see where I'll be in five years. Then I could make the decisions to get there and have a "plan". I guess that isn't how life is though. But the best part? I can CREATE what I want to see in the Crystal Ball. Sure, I may be wrong, but why not have goals? Why not have ideals and something to work for? Then the decisions I make can lead up those aspirations. Right now, in five years, I want to be a mother. Of at least one, or two children. I want to live in a house. I want to be a cool, stylin' mom and a photographer on the side. I want to have a working husband, who puts his family first and loves his kids to death. Are these things possible? Definitely. Does life throw us curve balls? Absolutely. So the truth is-- I don't know where we'll be in five years. I know we will be surprised, just from past experience. :) 
The best part though, is that I know one thing for sure: if I stay on the right path, my plan can be a good one, whatever it turns out to be. It can be something that leads me back to where I'm supposed to be. I know I'll always have a loving husband, always. I know that when I am surprised and feeling down, shocked, sad, mad, confused, frustrated or any other feeling-- I have a friend who will always be there for me. I know my knees are always a place I can go. I know that there is a constant in my life and it's called the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the greatest comfort there is and with that knowledge, I can never get too sad or too frustrated. Nope, never. 

Because I do have this truth, of the gospel, I also am given a plan. A plan that goes beyond five years, or even fifty years-- but forever. It makes some things in life seem so tedious, but we cannot overlook anything. This is a test. We are given EVERY trial to help us grow. To become the creatures he wants us to be. It's part of his plan for us. I know that there is life after death. As as terrified as I am of death, I can find the peace I need in knowing that I will see my loved ones again. Not just one more time, but for forever! I have never had anyone very close to me die, except my great grandmother. And it worries me, because I don't know how I will react when someone close to me does pass on. I know it will be very difficult, but I also know that they are part of the plan too! The plan of happiness. How can we not choose that plan? Oh many don't. Many stray. It's easy, when you let the adversary rule your mind. But we cannot do that. We cannot stray! We have to stick to the plan, because he is the one the who helps us get to the end. He's the one who knows our own plans and will help us make the righteous decisions to get to where he wants us to be. To where we want to be.

It's not easy. No one said it would be. But I know it will be worth it. Every single trial-- sooo worth it.

I am grateful to know of a plan, even if it is something that I don't know every little thing about. I still know that I will get there, with the right perspective, attitude and decisions. :) And I know my best friend is along for the same ride. I love him. Dearly. And the life we live together.... it really is a good one. And I love it! I am thankful for life.

Because of that place, we're forever. Always. Eternity. Never-ending. 

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