Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry & Bright.

Well, Christmas has come and gone-- it was good year. A great one, in fact! The first married Christmas I've ever had. Although Tyson and I mostly bought our presents together, it was still so fun being able to share the Holiday with him as my husband. We spent Thanksgiving in Logan this year, so we ended up spending Christmas with my family in Springville! I took a few photos-- obviously. I wanted to share, instead of just narrating our Christmas adventures. 

And I must say, Christmas with kids is sooo fun. I can't wait to have my own children, it will bring so much magic back into Christmas.

Here's the festivities:

CAUTION-- there's a lot of photos. Especially of cute kids. Just so you know-- you were warned. :)

 The stockings were hung...
Just a deer in my parent's backyard. NBD.
"Syson" and Joshy.
Christmas Eve Dinner.
I believe she's singing in this. It's adorable, either way.
The twin's turn in the program. Singing adorable preschool songs.
LoLo's turn-- singing the ABC's.
Emma and Ryan's piano performances. Mini Mozarts.
T's piano performance!
Gotta love that wink!
Dad handing out Santa's presents. Santa had the flu...
Cutest picture of the night! Lauren kissing her baby. She's a baby lover!
Matching Jammie's from Grandma!
We're married, it was Christmas, we were fancy-- so we took a picture.
Christmas Morning faces!
Baby Will's first Christmas. :)
Obviously happy about Christmas!
How could you not love that face?
I obviously had a mini photo shoot with Will. And I had to post nearly every picture. Of course.
Christmas morning at the Clyde House.
Present time!
The boys riding up on Dad's new gift...
Looks like it fits. :)
We didn't take a lot of pictures Christmas morning...mostly because we were in our pj's for most of the day. But we had to take this photo. It was a bet. If Utah State beat BYU in football, the other person had to wear the other team's shirt. Now you know who won.... :)


Hannah said...

I absolutely LOVE your pictures Katie! You're amazing! Looks like a perfect Christmas! :)

Michelle said...

ok that little will is ADORABLE. I want him

The Maxfield's said...

katie your christmas looked lovely! we were over at your place today and tys showed off his new tv :) anyway, can't wait to party it up with you guys for new years!