Saturday, December 18, 2010


I know I keep making lists of things I like or can't wait to happen, but I can't help it. I'm the kind of girl who loves to look forward to things! Hence, these lists. :)

Next week is going to be full of absolute goodness. Here is the run-down of things that will be making it so good.

  •  Seeing the Henrie's. And the cute baby Will-- an obsession of mine (according to Tyson). We hardly ever get the WHOLE family together and these guys are the missing ingredient usually. So it's pretty fun when they come into town.

  • Seeing the Hafen's. I miss those kiddos like crazy! Even if it's only been one month since I've seen them. I'm anxious to hear Little LoLo say "T-T-" and the boys wanting to play with Tyson and to sing Taylor Swift with Emma and Claire. I also always enjoy quality time with Cam and Jer, so we're excited.

  • Of course seeing the Parents and Melvin. We actually spend a lot of our weekends in Springville with Wilf and Nat, and we love it. We're always excited to see Melia, because it also doesn't happen too often even though we only live an hour and a half away from her.

  • Seeing my Besto's! It has been ages since we've all been together (try, five months! eek!). I love these girls to death. They are like soul mates and probably know me better than anyone else (except my husband). Basically, we have the best memories together and I never laugh quite as hard with anyone else but them!

  • HELLO-- Christmas! I think that is self-explanatory. I love Christmas! I love Christmas Eve! I love getting new PJ's on Christmas Eve and dressing up for dinner. I love being with my whole family. You could say I love every little thing about Christmas. I love being home for the Holidays and can't wait to get there. We're leaving Monday morning and I'm so thrilled!

That's pretty much it. We're DONE with finals. Tyson is DONE with school (a post about that is up next). And we're ready for what's going to happen next. Although many of you may know, some don't. We'll share the news soon enough. :) Once we do some finalizing. Ah! I love new things and adventures. Although any new experience is bitter sweet and this will be no exception. 

Happy Holidays!

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