Thursday, June 20, 2013

blog break.

This blog has unintentionally taken the back burner these past few months.

Between juggling a busy, curious 11 month old, quality time with my husband, building a photography business, working on a photography project, and soaking up every bit of summer we can; I haven't had much time to blog! Which is a shame, because I want this blog to be a documentation of our little family and the adventures we go on. I think I will get back to posting regularly soon, but for now on the back burner it will probably stay. Some things have to got give when life gets hectic! 
For now, I will be posting on my photo blog here: 
I also post frequently on my instagram feed here:

And now I will go and enjoy every last minute of every day that my baby is still a baby and not a big, old 1 year old *tear*! (Okay, let's be honest, he will still be my baby for a loooong time).

Note to self: even mini oreos are very messy!

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