Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Weekend.

This weekend, we went to Springville for a quick little trip! 
Tyson spent Friday night at the Jazz Game (lucky duck) and I went to dinner with my sister and her husband and watched the game at their house.
Saturday I took some senior pictures for a friend and we ran a bunch of errands!
That night we attended the Hafen girl's dance recital. They were so cute in their costumes and both did great during their dances. Emma was a graceful ballerina and Claire was fearless. Overall-- great weekend!
It's finals this week and oh boy, I can't wait to be DONE. 
Bring it on summmmmmmer. :)

Enjoy some dance recital photos of our adorable nieces. Love these girls. 

Claire Bear the snowman.

We told her to pose. Such a cute diva!
Lauren Lou was there. She also LOVED the recital and was dancing the pretty much the whole time. It was adorable.
Emma the Ballerina!
The stars of the show.
Ballerina bun.
I loved Claire's face in this one! Haha-- too good.
The boys jumped in for a quick photo. 

The end!

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