Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Wonderful Weekend.

I know I only post pictures from our weekends, but that is really the only time we do stuff! This last weekend was pretty low key, but also a lot of fun.
Friday: School. Returning gifts. T- basketball, K- crafts. Jazz Game. Cookies. Pizza. Flash Forward. Sleep. Success!
Saturday: Niece's soccer game. Snow-cones. Shopping (coffee table, bookcase, kitchen things, AND cotton candy machine-- you bet)! Olive Garden. Cotton candy making. Home. Sleep.
Sunday: Niece's blessing. Family. Food. Naps. More family time. Home. Homework/Internet. Sleep.

I have some photos of our cotton candy machine and Baby Anna below-- check it.

We only have two weeks of school left. One week of classes, one week of finals. Then it's S-U-M-M-E-R! Hallelujah! We were discussing our summer plans and they include: family reunion, trips to Springville, Tony Grove, camping, and Hawaii. I can't wait. Bring on the warm weather, skirts, more snow-cones, spending times outdoors and photographing every single minute of it. :)

The newest addition to our family-- the cotton candy machine!
Isabel the Unicorn.
T and some cotton candy.
Brooks, cotton candy and a Barbie movie-- what could be better.
Isabel eating cotton candy.
Jordan making some cotton candy-- the master.
Then Brooklyn put on her dance costume, so cute.

The Blessing
Baby Anna smiling on her blessing day.
Bonding with Anna
I made him do this. What an adorable future father. 

Have a great week friends. And good luck if you have finals coming up!

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