Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm a Barbie Girl. Or Boy.

I wanted to post some pictures from the barbie jeep my mom bought for the grandkids. I was going to in the Easter post, since that's when these were taken... but there were too many good ones, that they deserved their very own post. Also, these kids kill me with their good looks and hilarious comments. I love spending time with them! Yay for nieces and nephews. Not just these five crazy cute kids, but all 15 (almost 17) of them! They lighten life like no other.

Anyway, enjoy some photos:

The girls in the blingin' new barbie jeep!
this is the radio in the jeep. it really works. so sweet.
emma. what a babe.
oh claire. so cute.
love this joshy!
no wonder all the girls in third grade love him.
da boys.
race face- check.
winners, the girls in the speedy barbie jeep.
being artsy. you know.
these two are maniacs.
off-roading in the barb jeep.
watch out grandpa!
the snowplow.


Fenny said...

ok kate.. so first- you're incredible. second- i love your blog. third- this is my favorite post ever! so cute! fourth- and best of all.. i saw emma in the barbie car and do you know what i thought of?? hahahahahaha KATIE WATCH OUT FOR THE PEEEE!!! haha good times good times!! love you kates!

The Chrissy Herself said...

The radios in those things actually work?! Incredible. Kids have it so good these days.

McKell&Janeene said...

Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! I want one...those look like way more fun than driving a car. :)

Sandy said...

Hey there! Thanks for leaving a comment! Emmy is SO fun to take pictures of. I am very blessed to have such a fun "model." Your pictures look so great too! I was thinking the same thing about yours, "WOW they look so crisp!" As for bright colors, I think it's just the lighting and the colors in the picture. I'm still using lightroom and usually up my blacks a little and that helps.
Also, I'm glad you are so happily married. You and Tyson are just adorable!

Sandy said...

Hi Katie-
I use Picasa for the collages.